New to Salt Nic Mixing

I have a regular vape recipe, tangering and mango, but I’d like to make nic salt version if you will. I am looking at buying this blend but in a 50/50 blend - PurNic™ 100mg Smooth Nicotine Salts*. My questions if you are: 1.) Is this good starting point, meaning a 50%pg/50%vg blend? 2.) Do i mix with this as I would say a regular vape mix, for example if i wanted 3mg nic level i go according to how much I am gonna make (30ml - 120ml). I am new to this nic salt world and would like to learn as best and much as possible. I thank everyone for your time and patience in reading my post.

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Bottom line - you mix nic salts just like you would mix regualr freebase nic. Stick the values into the ELR calculator, and it will tell you how much nic juice to pour in for your desired nic strength. I personally use 100mg in pure PG, and I mix it at 3mg (or 1.5mg on occasion)

That’s all there is to it :slight_smile:

You can also use any different base of course, whether its 50/50, 70/30 pure VG, or whatever you think will work for you. As long as you adjust it in the calculator you will get the exact measurement. I personally don’t like mixed base but that’s just my preference.


I am making this for some pod system’s i have so would you suggest like you mentioned a pure pg base? Aside from that sounds super simple… Oh yeah, is it best to keep my nic salt recipes simple as far as flavorings are considered or can i go hog wild like regular vape juice?


For pod systems you probably want to mix 50/50 in the end. It doesn’t really matter which nicotine base you use. You will end up adding more PG in any case.

The only real case I see for not using pure PG base is if you want to mix Max VG recipe, and you use VG nic base for it to have as little PG as possible (flavors are PG most of the time)


I was under the impression due to the small coils in these systems, that a 50/50 blend was best. Can you do a max vg mix in a pod system? Wouldn’t that risk it getting gunked up? I truly thank you for your time and patience in reading my post and answering my numb minding questions. Gracias!


Also for starting out would you recommend 48mg or 100mg? I normally vape at a 3mg level.


you want 50/50 in a pod system. i just gave max VG as example where you want VG nic

for pods definitely 50/50 :slight_smile:


If you can get 100mg, get it. doesn’t matter for the end result. 100mg - more bang for the buck overall


Thank you very much, this has helped me out tremendously (not sure I spelled that correctly). So to sum this up, mix nic salt mix as i would a regular vape juice recipe. Use a 50/50 blend, got it.!

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15MG, 25MG, 45MG

question time again, i was looking at a site and noticed they had flavored nic salts, so i figured i check them out to get ideas for myself, mixing wise. And i noticed the level of nic in this one (brand and name i left out intentionally). For example, 15mg is the lowest this particular one comes in, how much nic salt would i need to get that level of strenght? If my regular vape mix as for 3% (3mg) what about this now?


In pods people usually vape 15 to 50mg. i never vaped on a pod so can’t help you there


oh you have helped me way more than i could ever ask for. I truly appreciate this. Again thank you so much!


One last question if I mix it as a regular vape mix and the regular vape mix is using say 3mg, will my nic salt mix be at the same level? and if not is there a conversion rate or chart i need to view or do i just up the nic salt amount to reach the desired nic level? (not sure i made sense there)


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Thank you one and all! I will update how my mix comes out! Thanks again!


You will want

  1. nicotine base (salt)
  2. PG
  3. VG
  4. flavors

you enter it into the calculator like any mix, select the strength and flavors. the calculator will calculate how much PG and VG to add to get to your ratio and nic strength. if you are converting a old FB recipe to use salt base you may want to increase the flavor slightly.