New to the world of mixing

Hey all, so I am new to making my own e juice. And need some help. I have the flavors of brandy and black cherry. The black cherry is extremely over powering and I want to add another flavor. But not sure what would go good with this. Also right now I made this with zero nic. I want to get some nic. And wanted to find out with that will bring the overall intenseness down? Will steeping also bring that down? Any help would be great.

Thank you

How strong percentage did you use and what brand?

I made 30mls so 2ml of blackcherry and 1ml of brandy, both from LA brand

Ok first thing the black cherry is too strong. If you look up the flavour in the flavour list under resources.

You can see the average use is around 4% so that would be 1.3ml and cherries are notorious for a perfume/ chemical thingy if overdone.

Here is the link to brandy

Have a look at my two links and it also has lists on those pages of the flavours most used with and also recipes with those flavours.

So it I were you and I didn’t have any other flavours I’d do a 1ml of each in 30ml. Take the cap of for a couple of hours after you mix. Give it 3 days or so to let the chemical flavours to blow off. That’ll be the best you can do with what you got.

Personally I’d be looking for a sweet fruit to go with those flavours but I’m a sweet tooth. But have a look at the links for more ideas.

That’s the most I can do for you at this moment. Good luck.

I recommend picking a recipe in the forum and copying it. Maybe 2 or 3 even, that way you start accumulating flavours and can then start experimenting. But you know you have some recipes you can make whilst you develop your own.

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Thank you for this information. I am very new to the site and couldn’t find the flavour profiles. And being that I only made 30ml I am thinking to bump that up to 60 ml when I get my nicotine and that will help.

But I will for sure look over the different flavour profiles and see what will go good with the different flavours that I have. Again thank you for the help

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