New to vaping

I’m new to this vaping thing and I went over board with it. I tried the little mods. Then I went on to squonkers then to RTAs and RDTAs. I guess I like to make the coils. I try different types of wire and sizes. I just have fun with it. If it doesn’t work well I just try something else.
I mix my own flavors also. I have tried several from here with good luck. I basically see a recipe for a dessert and use the same flavors in my e-juice. Mixing is a trial and error. I get close sometimes but I usually have to much or to little of something. It’s a fun hobby.
I quit smoking in late June to have surgery on my knee (doctors orders). I haven’t turned back. I do feel much better and got a new hobby.
Thanks for all of the advise and knowledge from all you guys.


Welcome to the forum.


Definately welcome, this is a great place to be.


You’ll see the are some awesome and very helpful people on the sight
Steve… (Steve-o54)