New user stupid question

Hey to all of you! Im new to the juice diy thing and just wanted to know if it’s realy just Just punching in the numbers of the recepie i like to try in to my juice calculator and presto start. mixing?

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@IckySticky Forgive me but I am having a hard time understanding what you are wanting to do.Is the recipe you are wishing to make already on here already like so?

Ryan's Vanilla Waffle Cone

Ingredient %
Caramel (CAP) 2
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 3
Waffle (Belgian) (TPA) 7

Flavor total: 12%

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Hey, Welcome to ELR, which calculator do you use?

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Can i just copy the nubers from any given recepie from the site and change the to my liking and add it to my juice calculator and im ready to go? Im useing the android POTV juice calculator.

you can adapt any recipe using the calculator on here? just click on the spanner and then click ‘Adapt this’

Is that what you mean?

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Sorry for not being good on explaining in English not my org language. Is it realy as eazy as copy the numbers of the different flavors in a recepie from the site and just change the to my liking then add it to my calculator then hit calculate and use the results i get from my calculator to make my juice? Hope you understand😝

Yes it really is that easy . @Pugs1970 said you can find any recipe on here and click the blue wrench at the top right corner and put in your preferences on your VG/PG ratio.Then add your Nicotine details such as the VG/PG and the Nicotine strength and you should be good to go.


Ty…!! Thats amazing!
And off i went to make some :sunglasses:


Your Welcome and Have Fun!

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Enjoy!! :wink::+1:

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The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


Ty to all of you this is great feeling just like a mad scientist!
Now back to the lab.


Yes. That easy. But you as always should double check your numbers. For instance, you can and should (if measuring by weight) double check that the specific gravity (or weight of your ingredients) is setup in your calculator.

The easiest way to double check is find a recpie you like here on elr. Input the same recipie on your juice calculator your using and make sure you get the same measurements.

Ty :+1: will do that.

Yes it is Mr. Sticky, welcome!