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New York State call to action


Agreed! I’m glad there are numbers for the territories as well. People tend to forget about the islands.


The numbers are truly astronomical and all that so they couldn’t be sued for the harm combustible tobacco causes. If you want another shock check out how much Pfizer paid out in the Champix (varenicline) class action. :wink:


Oh I’m sure it is a disgusting amount lol


I can’t say that I know exactly what deals governments made with big tobacco, nor the numbers they are talking about, but I would hate to think that people in general don’t have the slightest clue that income from tobacco products is really important to governments and they’ll do everything in their power to protect it. The same can be said of petrol and other carbon fuels. It always comes back to the same question… where does the money go?
If a government loses this income, that means that they’ll have to raise taxes on everything else (and not just by a % or 2). This would cause national outrages because all people hear is “we have to pay more tax”. Whatever government is in power, they’ll be kicked out next elections for sure and in politics it’s all about self preservation.

My first reaction would be: a little transparency in all these things would solve a lot of issues. But when I think of it again… I’d have to come to the conclusion that most of the public isn’t even interested in it. Sure they do love a sensational story, but actually doing something about it is a whole different thing. The average Joe still has the perception that his vote doesn’t have enough power to actually make a change and from the Joes that do, most of them are too lazy/uninterested, they just want to continue their daily lives and not be bothered with anything or anyone.

Just have a look at the response rate on the flavor ban questionnaires. Something so important and people who are directly affected couldn’t even be bothered.

Things have been going way too good for way too long. There used to be times when people stood up for themselves against governments. Things have to go really south for the general mentality of people to change again.
I always thought that in my generation, we’d see huge revolutions again. Never in any time of history has there been such a divide between rich and poor, never has there been so much debt, people are crammed in ever smaller homes and have to deal with more stress than ever… but everybody is shushed with technology, social media and netflix. Keep them silent and the rich and powerful will keep on doing what they do best, become richer and more powerful.


You hit the nail smack bang on the head with that. One of the things that drives me up the wall with vaping, or vapers to be more precise, is their attitude to advocacy. Put up a post as important as the flavour ban posts or taxation and you get a handful of people checking it out and usually the same people, but if you put up a post for a free tank that costs $20 the page will be flooded with replies. US reviewers with the biggest numbers rarely if ever talk about it because they say their subs don’t want to know, I genuinely can’t stand those people as all they care about is views, subs and selling their latest piece of junk tank.

As you said this seems to be the apathy of the day where people don’t give a shit unless there’s something in it for them. I’ve been saying for a long time that the thing that puts me off vaping advocacy the most is vapers (obviously not all of them).
The MSA deal is public record and it’s all there for everyone to see, which is what surprises me the most about the lack of knowledge of it. It’s literally a hand over of cash so they can’t be sued. Murica!


I just spotted this call to action by the VTA and I think it’s a great idea. This probably deserves a new thread so please feel free to re-post wherever appropriate.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says that any stories about quitting cigarettes with vapor are just “anecdotes.” But, you are NOT an anecdote! It is critical that FDA hears the real stories of consumers like you who rely on flavors. Use the link below to quickly and easily send your personal and sworn testimony about how you were able to reduce smoking or quit cigarettes with the help of flavored vape! Make your Declaration to FDA Now. Click here to tell FDA that, “I Am NOT An Anecdote!” https://actnow.io/saveflavors


Although off topic but since you are the op.

True, many of the reviewers don’t talk about advocacy. But the other half do. Check out Grimm green and pbasurdo to name a couple.

As for team free shit. Well personally I don’t enjoy the politics or team free but I do post somewhat. But of
Calls to action yeah I have emailed and mailed my county city and state representatives but I don’t completely post about it. I just do it.

It’s true though team free gets a lot of views. But the
Impact and need is for vape shops and vendors to start speaking up. Think about all the packages we receive with no mention of advocacy. Just saying. Food for thought. Since diy represents a fraction of the industry.


The reason I post the stuff in here is because this is the first vape related site I joined and I still think it’s the best site. It’s a fact that the vast amount of vapers do nothing when it comes to advocacy and are more interested in free shit, and as for reviewers that cover it that would be about 5% of them and that’s being generous. There’s no doubt everyone in the industry could and should do more but far too many pass the buck and expect someone else to do it for them. There’s a saying that’s very applicable to vape advocacy, “You don’t have to do everything, but you do have to do something”.


wow the amount of money involved is insane ty for the info …


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