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New York State call to action


New Call to action! Please sign up and use the premade email templates to Support New York to stop the flavor ban!


FYI…This proposed flavor ban is for all of NY state not just NYC. :angry: Any help from the ELR family would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve just changed for you. Hopefully people will be able to see how important this is. If NY falls then the country is fucked and then they’ll target the sale of nic.


Truly appreciated. :facepunch:


That’s just lunacy :flushed:


I tried to do it but apparently it is only for NY residents.

I got a message that it is not available for my area.


All you need to do is ‘borrow’ and address :wink:


Thank you for trying.


I said I would pass this on too. I’ve heard Larry in a few interviews and he really seems to be on the same side as vapers.


Fantastic! Thanks for the share!


Yea! Andy Ban-it is back with more of the same old shit! One answer fits all Cuomo. Good luck New York. Who knows, maybe you can get large soft drinks back too some day.


Done! Email sent to all the assemblymen & senator. This bullshit better not pass here in NY. Fuck that



Just want to say thanks to the ELR family members who helped and participated in the call to action. :innocent::fist:


If only. DrChud is dead on IMO (sad to say).
We’ve already got proof of this happening.
You might remember when “regular cigarettes” were transitioned to FSC (Fire Safe Cigarettes) so Big Tobacco could add even more deadly and addictive chemicals…
Guess which state led the charge with that bullshit! That’s right. New York.
And the Feds made it nation-wide!

Lunacy indeed.


This video is three years old but still relevant to one of the real reasons states are going against vaping. GrimmGreen showed this in yesterday’s vlog. It’s only three minutes long but spot on.


I seen that yesterday too and I’m genuinely shocked at how few people actually know about this. He talked about West Virginia which has one of the smallest payments from the MSA. To get an idea of the scale of numbers we’re talking about here, NY payments fell from a high of $1.432 Billion in 2016 to $617 in 2017. Cali fell from a high of $1.111 Billion in 2013 to around $720 from 2014 til now.


Here’s the numbers if anyone wants to check their state. You can also see the amount of money from the MSA that each spent on tobacco harm prevention. For once the campaign for tobacco free kids provided something useful.



Sad to say I was completely in the dark about this. Absolutely astonishing. Thanks for sharing the data.


The best thanks would be to share the data with as many people as possible. Even point out that the figures come from the most anti-vaping organisation in the US.