Newb needs help to develop his stash

hi folks,
its the WorkingTurk… im around 35 and i quited smoking in march 2017
Almost 20 friends quit smoking because of me and im mixing for some of them…

now i just started to DIY (having some experience already, but never mixed more than two flavours together)

i just ordered a bunch of flavours and my stash looks lile this now:

my question:
since i hope that my stash gives you an idea of what i want, what flavours would you recomend to support my stash?

any cream or fruit that i need? (i feel like im missing pistachio or coconut?)

hint: vanilla custard v1 is the best flavour i know and im going to use it a lot
and i cant wait to taste caramel stuff

thanks in advance guys


You most likely will get different responses but I would say look at the most popular recipes and any ingredients you’re missing just add to your next order. Ask your friends for ideas also. Their tastes might be different from yours.

Also…after looking at your stash, you have some flavors entered incorrectly.
You can learn the correct format for entering flavors and posting recipes on this website by following the link and reading the section under FLAVOR STASH.


Some flavors I could recommend for someone starting out:
FA Lemon Sicily
LA Lemonade
FW Blood Orange
CAP Sweet Tangerine
CAP Double Apple
LA Watermelon
FA Pear
TPA Grape Juice
TPA Champagne
INW Biscuit
CAP Sugar Cookie
FA Cream Fresh
CAP Sweet Cream
TPA Bavarian Cream
TPA Whipped Cream
CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream
LA Cream Cheese Icing
CAP New York Cheesecake
CAP Vanilla Cupcake
CAP Cinnamon Swirl Danish
TPA Graham Cracker Clear
FA Almond
FW Hazelnut
TPA Pistachio
FW Butterscotch Ripple
FW Caramel Candy
CAP Butter Cream
CAP Golden Butter
TPA Vanilla Swirl
TPA Toasted Marshmallow
FA Vienna Cream
CAP Lemon Meringue Pie
TPA Key Lime Pie
TPA Acetyl Pyrazine
CAP Super Sweet
and TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (unless you are a pepper taster. Some get black pepper taste from this as I do. If so CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or LB Vanilla Ice Cream under 3%)
I know I said for starting out, and this list is long. These are the flavors that I have used successfully in my almost year of DIYing. There are a lot more I could recommend, but this list is good for getting your feet wet IMO. Good for finding your preferred flavor profile. The forum is a excellent place for guidance. Just search any topic and you can find some really good advice or just ask. Everyone here is very helpful. Good luck.


Sorry, no help with your stash. But I suggest you Google “Noob vs. Newbie” and then decide what you want to call yourself.

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Get out while you can!!!

No real help here always seems the flavor I need is missing.


thank you.
i’ll add some of them to my next order.
and i still didn’t find a recommendation for coconut. any suggestion ?

i just looked up at urban dictionary. thank you mate. i’m definitely a newb. :slight_smile:

Regardless of how you choose to start your journey, I suggest researching every flavor you want to purchase to make sure it’s not garbage. Some of us created this tool to help members gain knowledge of flavors, usage and starting percentages.

I think this is essential reading and it should help you in journey to building a good flavor stash…


I don’t think you can ever truely have enough flavors…

Even if ya had @woftam ‘s flavor fridge , I think you’d still want more flavors


I think @JoJo is the reigning Flavor Queen…

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I have a few recommendations that you might want to try:

Biscuit (Inawera)
Chocolate Cream (Inawera)
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Cap)
Juicy Peach (Cap)
Meringue (TPA)
Mild Winter (FA)
Sugar Cookie (Cap)
Super Sweet (Cap)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Cap)
Vienna Cream (FA)


I’m pretty sure @Amy2 has me beat still…

And I’d wager a guess that she’s culled her stash at least once, which I’ve yet to do and need to. LoL.

For the OP: You mentioned coconut and caramel as being two things you need. I’d go with Cap Coconut, Inawera Cocopilada (which is more of a coconutty cookie), and maybe Inawera Coconut for coconuts. Delosi coconut is phenomenal, but Cap is almost as good and is more readily available. Caramel I’d say you definitely need FW Salted Caramel (it’s a coil gunker but so worth it), FA Caramel, and maybe Flavorah Caramel if you can get it. I’ve only tried two pistachio flavors and of the two, Flavorah’s was good. It tasted a little ashy to me, but I mixed it at 3% and that could have been (likely was) way too much so if you go that route, I’d start low.

If you like bakery flavors I’d also suggest getting some acetyl pyrazine. Used at low %s it is nutty and bready and enhances those types of flavors. Too high and it tastes metallic and corn chippy to me. A lot of people like Inawera Biscuit. Personally, I can’t stand it so I use Jungle Flavors biscuit. TPA’s banana nut bread is a good banana flavor to have.

If you are looking for a good overall nut flavor, Hazelnut FW would be my choice, although I also like TPA’s hazelnut and use them pretty interchangeably. FW Butter Pecan is also good to have on hand.

If you want any kind of coffee vape, Inawera Tiramisu is a must have. It’s a very forgiving, light, slightly sweet, creamy kind of coffee. If you want intense, non-sweet espresso get FA Dark Bean, but word to the wise it’s super strong and has to be used very sparingly. I’ve heard FA Booster (Tiramisu) is good also, and I have it but haven’t tried it yet.

A lot of people like FW’s blueberry. I’m not a huge fan. I prefer Flavorah’s blueberry muffin and blueberry personally, but everyone claims FW is the best. And on the topic of fruits, if you like fruit vapes, Inawera Cactus is a must have. It’s a juicy green flavor, but at low percents you don’t really get the “green” part of it, just the juiciness. Inawera Grapefruit and White Grapefruit are very good. Flavorah Lime is awesome but very strong, use like 1 drop per 15ml.

If you are into (or think you might be into) florals, FA Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are must haves. TPA Green Tea is my favorite tea so far. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect black tea.

I could go on, but I’ll leave it there for now. LoL.


Cap Sugar Cookie
Cap cinnamon danish swirl
Inawera vanilla shisha
Liquid barn vanilla ice cream
Flavour art zeppola

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thank you so much for taking time.

its not easy ti get flavorah over here in germany

i try with, tpa, fa, cap. inawera, Herrlan and Avoria.

The last two are german and have some good stuff
(avoria strawberry is loved by many, and avorias ice fresh apple is one of my faves)
herrlan Honeydew and Watermelon are awsome to me as well, so you might wanna check them out)

and i noticed that Vampire Vapes Pinkman isnt a big issue at elr
. but let me tell you pinkman ist AWSOME!!!

might be the best “red fruits” flavour out there.

and maybe the most vaped flavour in europe (not nesseceraly for DIY, its great on its own)

all shops i know, are listing pinkman as bestseller!!! ad it fits to everything

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I’m from Belgium but order all my flavors in the UK. It’s cheaper and there is huge offering.

Pinkman is OK but to expensive even as a concentrate. Wouldn’t know about what vape shops list haven’t been in one for a year.

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where do you order in uk?

i pay like 4-5€ per 10ml flavour

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I’d be of no help, because the advice I follow is ‘buy EVERYTHING, when you see a sale’. In fact, and off-topic, sorry… just before I joined here I was given a link to a reseller going out of business, and got a flippin’ ton of bases for a $.25 an ounce. Could not pass that up!

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For the first 2 I have discount codes 10% or 12% respectively.

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thank you so much, that just saved me so much money :smile: :

but what about shippig from uk? brexit and so on?

and discount code sounds so cool too :slight_smile:

think ill just purchase my whole list,

I just added my whole shopping list to chefslavour.
i’m ordering a lot. if possible, the discount code would be awsome right now.