Newb with a probably dumb question

If I make flavour bases for my favorite juices will using them cut down the steep time when I mix the final juices or simply make it quicker/ easier to mix them?

I would say it would reduce steep time but really it just depends how long your flavor base has been sitting, also. If you just made it, then no itd be just as if you just mixed each still but if its been sitting for week or two or whatever then id expect the overall finished product steep time would be lowered some


Doesn’t cut the steep time by much cause it still has to blend with your PG/VG and nic, but it is a lot quicker to mix it up :relaxed:


Yeah thats what I was thinking… was hoping it would but doubted it

Part of the steep process is not only mixing into the vg and nic etc… But also in how the flavor molecules interact with eachother. Making a flavor base and letting it sit should give the flavors time to blend nicely prior to adding into the vg/pg and nic. Then you are only waiting for it to blend thruout the mix as the flavors would have already had a head start blending together… I think over all having a flavor base would be benificial for the impatient, because it doesnt take terribly long for the flavors to mix with the pg/vg and nic, the reaction between the flavor molecules is what we are waiting on during a good steep, mainly. I would say you can expect from a two week old flavor base to give similar taste at snv to a fresh mix thats sat a week or so.

@Pro_Vapes i know uses some flavor bases. Perhaps he has some more insight?

I dont’ know about this working for every recipe, but I have a couple that benefit from having been made from a well-aged flavor base. For instance, my bust-a-nut base (cured for a month or more), when I use to make the actual ejuice, I can just shake-n-vape after an hour or so (instead of waiting 3 days +). My DaMomma’s Vanilla Custard is made from an aged (1 month +) Custardstone and only sits in my curing cabinet for about 10 days (instead of 3-5 weeks) before I am happy with it.


So my guess was correct, whwn applied to the heavier creme/nutty/custardy flavorings then?
What about fruit mixes or other desert types? I have been considering making some flavor bases for my Cheesecake Doughnuts and Juicy Fruit recipes… Do you think it would be a noticable improvement upon snv, as when i mix i snv both of those usually… Idk why i just guess im lazy and dont make enough extra to stash away of those lol so good i just vape it immediately hah

I haven’t tried it yet, but I would think it would shorten the steeping time by at least a little bit. Flavors aren’t just flavor, they are flavor in a pg or vg base (usually) so at the very least flavor #1 would blend into flavor #2’s pg (vg, pdo, alcohol, whatever) and vice versa.

And definitely not a dumb question. :wink:


My own flavor profile of preference is stuck. So, I’m not really inclined to make a fruity base. Maybe someday… Let me know if you try it though. Like to know how it turns out.


IMHO no, I even tried making a 100 ml bottle of juice with double the flavoring steeping it then measuring half into another bottle and adding the balance of VG it still needed to steep.

Once i get my juicy fruit recipe where I want it, ill give it a shot

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