Newbi here and new to diy juicing

Hey guys glad to be here I’m a long time vaper and builder, heard great things about this place, I’ve been wanting to try to make my own juice for awhile and decided to give it a go, I ordered stuff to get started from a place called wizard labs? Im excited to get started just doing more research before I do so! Thanks guys


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Welcome and Wizard Labs is a fairly common vendor.


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Welcome and glad you joined. WL is one of the tops.

Check out Bull City Vapor. I get all of my flavors, vg and pg there for a spectacular price! My freedom smokes has good stuff too including concentrated nicotine

I shop around but try to get all my needs from one vendor. You really cant get the best price per item but usually works out versus paying 2 different shipping costs. I like Nic river myself but have used WL when i started w/ no complaints. You may also want to narrow your vendor search to ones in your own country since shipping some flavors and nic have there own set of rules w/ the msds etc and may really jack up your shipping costs and delivery time. Realflavors, which sells directly to the public, have some excellent flavors and their SC flavors take less % per mix but dont come in smaller amounts then 1 oz. There is a list of other vendors on this site.
GL to you and welcome to a helpful community!


I’m very excited to have found this place. I’ve been vaping for 2 yrs now, and have started experimenting with adding drops to enhance the flavor of what I’m vaping. I have just gotten a toptank and am unable to vape strawberry & watermelon menthol. It’s too harsh. Does someone have any ideas on what I can add to make it easier to vape? Thanks, RW.

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I think your Q can easier be answered if u give a little more info tho. Is this commercial e-liquid that u are trying to enhance? When u started using the toptank it became too harsh meaning to say that u lowered the resistance of the atomizer w/ the same level of nic? With lower res. nicotine becomes harsher so lowering the nic level of the liquid would easily solve that. We look forward to hearing you so we could help out. Good luck to you!

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Hey everyone.

I hope everyone is doing fantastic. I am the vendor of E-cig store and been in this industry for a long time but I first time joining this kind of discussion community. Glad to see so many people :slight_smile:talking about it.