Newbie at mixing!

I use Capella.
Since they reccomend about 15% i should not go over 15% flavour total?
Like this?
Banana split 8
Bavarian Cream 2
Caramel 3

Hmmm 6 of 1 half dozen of the other - i would start a little lower on everything and build it if you feel you need.

it is good to do a single flavor mix of you flavors so you know what they will bring to the mix. If you dont want to do that a few drops in a glass of water will give you an idea of the flavor strength.

What I taste and what you taste will be very different

I would probably go with a 7/2/2 or something similar then add to it as needed but be aware you wont get much from the creme until you have aged it a little.

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Thx :blush: will try to start low as you say​:+1: my first awful mix had like 28 % flavour… beginning too see why!!


You can always make a flavourless mix and use it to dilute. E.g if you put in the equal amount of flavourless you half the strength for example. 14% might work alright.

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I use a lot of TPA and CAP flavors. All my recipes are 10% total flavor. Anything above that, to me, is far too strong to vape. I also use a 70/30 ratio and 1mg nic. Never put water in a single batch yet and honestly never heard of doing that. Is there a practical use for putting water in a mix?

I have never used water in the mixes.

Make your same recipe over, since you have the totals for each ingredient, then simply leave out the flavoring.
Add it to your existing mix.

Here is a great read :


i read somwhere that 70VG and higher needs water for properøly work with coils… 70vg+ hard for cotton to soak… dont know if this is true!

Depends on your atomizer, a small BVC / clearomizer can handle 60pg/40vg - 50pg/50vg fine but wont wick well with higher VG liquids.

Most sub ohm tanks / wicks will happily work with higher VG liquids.

I’ve never used water in any recipe ever but it might be a thing…

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5/2/2 and no water should be fine. You probably read a very old mixing guide, for when we vaped 18mg+ NIC regularly, with super low VG. Water or clear alcohol (vodka or everclear), would over time, slightly mute the pepperiness of all that NIC. Thankfully we didn’t sub ohm that high for very long.

I use a joytech ego aio and have no problems with 70 vg 30 pg at all… just can’t chain vape it, give it a bit of time in between to soak. This mix also works really well with Kangertech ego style. I even had 0 trouble with max vg in Kanger but Joytech frys atomizers very fast with max vg. Hope this helps.

Tried your suggestion, 7/2/2. Made a small amount 30ml and so far it taste great. Can’t taste Caramel yet, but I hope a couple more days steep should do it😊

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Thx😊 i only had problems with the uwell crown tank. Just bought that crown I I tank so will try without water!

You should be getting a hint of it but let it age for a couple of days and it may get a bit stonger.

Will do:-)

6 days steeping now… But i seems that the flavour has flatend out. almost no banana flavour left… any ide?
(when i have made the mix i warm it up for about 3 hours in 35 Degreas celsius or 101 Farenheit) Maybe a bad ide?

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Add a little more if you wish then re steep this is part of the process finding the correct % for your taste. If you start low you can add more it is easier that diluting a overly strong mix.

ok:-) so the heat prosess is ok? Thx for reply!

Ya a little heat wont hurt most mixes but @35c it is perfect - just enough to enable the vg to be mixed more easily.

Some people will swear off heat totally I am not one of them as long as it isnt too hot it should be fine.

Currently I have an experiment running after a stuff up

Try to add more flavor then. i guess 1% at time maybe 0.5%?

Either or but 1% I think would be fine just do it gradually so you find the sweet spot for you.