Newbie first mix thoughts

Going to be getting all my supplies tomorrow and throwing around some ideas and just want to make sure I have the right idea and was curious as if this recipe is looking correct (at least as a percentage standpoint). Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh sorry. I am new to this and didn’t realized I did that. It should work now I think

Candy bull

Ethyl maltol .25%
koolada .2%

These low % won’t do much for a candy effect.
Koolada @ .25% won’t add much cooling effect, it that’s what you’re after. I’d try 1%.

EM should be at least 1% if you you it to be sweet. Some will tell you it will mute flavors over time, so make this in small batches and vape it in a month… you should be ok.

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outside of the great advice given to you by PV …if you want more of a blueberry effect 3% of BB extra is going to be weak. It thrives at 6% and up but if your intentions are for it to be in the background your on par. I still use EM (ethyl maltol ) in small % in batches But only if it needs it for sweetening or to calm down a rough note trick is , like he said your going to only be able to enjoy that flavor profile for a few weeks b4 it starts to weaken and mute so small batches are best. Otherwise the recipe looks nice !

Thank you for the advice. Really looking forward to making my own juice. Just looks like a lot of trial an error going to be going on soon.

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hey sometimes that’s when the ideas get flying…just start off making small batches like 5 mls each and testing. That way when you get to vaping it you don’t waste to much of your supplies and you can have different strengths going on in different batches for instance you could have your recipe you put up as is then you can do another new one with the BB up a lil higher. that way when you test them out in a few days you’ll know more likely where your preferences are in ratios.

Just buy plenty of 5 mls bottles to do your test runs in and then once you’ve nail a few solid batches make a couple larger ones that way you’ll have stuff to vape on while you’ve got your 5 ml batches steeping… and then the addictions hits Boom you gotta mix to keep up w/ stock have fun and welcome to the party!

There is a lot of that with DIY juice mixing, but, if you’ll do a bit of research concerning how others have used the flavors you have in your stash, the knowledge you will gain can be super helpful in the future! :wink:

Good luck and welcome to ELR! :grinning:

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