Newbie going all mad scientist!

So I have a 40 flavor Arsenal of FA mostly and some Capella and inwara and I seem to be prone to start trying single favors in recomended percentages to start and then getting all crazy and just dripping shit in. I’ve started taking notes and trying to make a recipe but end up giving up and doctoring the mix up commando style. I think I may have ejuice a.d.d. Anyone relate or been through this? How u get out…? I really want to start making reproducable mixes. I’ve had great ones but I also have about a quart of everlasting stench that for some reason I can’t put down the drain… Maybe it’s all the nude mix that I wish I could extract back out lol. HELP!


I’m ADD like that, but I try and do it on the recipe page. I work out the flavors and then the percentages. Sometimes I will build a small batch of single by adding 2 drops of flavor to 50 drops of base and see how it tastes, then I project what percentage I will need of each flavor to make what I am imagining. Most of the time I just get the flavors I want together listed out on the recipe site and work up some versions.


Hahah yes I have been there at one point or another. I sometimes feel like I can fix a juice but the lil thought that says let it go usually takes over and it is for the best. Just dump it…save putting the nic in until it has steeped. Also consider baby steps make a juice with 2 flavors like strawberry banana then once you nail down the ratios you like considered adding a cream ( tread lightly a cream can over take a batch quick )

Mainly what we typically tell newbies is to start slow make plenty of known good juices that are on the forum and have them as your go tos while your mixes are steeping it is crucial to give them time that’s why have some goods ones from the start is so necessary.

Try making 5 ml tester batches that way you save your product and you can always add the nic when you are for sure it’s good just write the recipe as you would have nic put it in and then just add it later keep notes and keep a list as to what has nic in it or not. I have a system where I write a + sign on the recipe and then in the notes section I will write add nic.

The worst mistake is doing the mad scientist approach you’ll never remember what you put in a mix and that will be the time you come with your best juice it’s happened to me so I restrained myself from doing so and I write recipes out then make changes as I am doing it so everything is noted. Hope this helps ! We have an intro to Newbies section if you haven’t already read up on the thread it’s be a great resource for you !


Guilty as charged. The worst crime might be (after some frustrating fails) finding an unlabeled bottle that’s slammin’ and you don’t know what it is …exactly. So also start labeling your bottles. Amy2 had some great tips. If you use the free eJuice me up calculator once you have your base recipe and are about to mix, hit “Print Image” (uh requires printer) and you can hand write notes.

Unless you have a milligram scale, you should at minimum use syringes. Drops? a terrible way to measure. Buy a 1 ML syringe and pull out the plunger completely. See how many drops of each flavor it takes to fill to 1 ML. It’s the varying thickness of the extracts and the various dropper bottle tips which defeat consistency when measuring by drops.

However, I know how many drops exactly = 1 ml for flavorX (did above), so if I’m saying to myself “this needs another .5% banana” I can use my eJuice me up calculator to know a ballpark of how many drops by entering the new percentage right there immediately (first look at current drops, hit "calculate, then note the new number of drops, subtract) and add a note “FlavorX went from 3% to 3.5%” in the Notes box …accurate enough for messin’ around, but a scale is in my future.

Research and plan. Most of the points are already talked about.

Since I mix this is how my activity goes.

  1. I participate in the forums. Read respond recommend. Try to help others the same way they have helped me.
    2 when I come across a recipie I like I save a pic to my futures folder. Or what I like to call my inspiration folder.
  2. I spend a few hours looking at recipies from my folder. Ask my self do I have the concentrates. Then how can I adapt for what I don’t have or am I missing too many elements.
  3. I then Build my recipies, save, print, and ready. Building is based on flavor reviews, ratings, average mix vs single percents, then based on what I think I want to accomplish.
  4. Clean everything. I use glass bottles. So I wash everything.
  5. And today!!! Yay for me. Today is my mixing session. I have 10 individuals recipies ready to mix.
  6. Then when a recipie does or doesn’t work I take notes.
  7. Sometimes I do some mad scientist. I occasionally try to save a mix. After practice saving for me means uping a little bit of one flavor profile. Like adding 3-7 drops…the little add won’t do much but enough. Those little drops from FA concentrates helps to tell me if I need to boost a percentage by 0.25 to 0.75 on the actual recipie. I have found in my earlier days if you are completely adding drops to your bottle for multiple flavors that’s when everything gets out of wack and hard to recreate. But sometimes you gotta do it. Sure it’s a waste but still cheaper the buying ejuice from a bnm.

I have even tried pulling out my scale, plan my additions for multiple flavors and most of the time I havnt been all too successful. I find it better just adding one flavor helps me educate myself on where I went wrong.

Of course, again, this gets easier the more you mix.

Firstly I appreciate all the input… I do see that it’s not I deal to do this. I have researched and def see the benefits of not doing so. I did purchase about 200 syringes Pipettes beakers and syringes of varying sizes and shapes… Still I use none of it! It’s the time that I lack I think. I do like the idea of abandoning my own mixes and going with what already works. I’ll just let you guys do all the r&d and gratefully thank you…

That’s a lot of mixing supplies. Look at some of the threads on mixing by weight. It’s a lot less clean up after mixing. All I had to clean today was my syringe I use for nic. That’s all she wrote for clean up. I ended up mixing up 11 15ml bottles and 2 30ml bottles. All different recipies and it took a total of 40 minutes plus (all recipies had 4-7 different flavors) 20 mins for setup and tear down of my supplies.

Ok so I have entered in all of my flavors in my stash… Lemme kno if anything pops out for a good mix friends thanks

Your doing better than me by typing in your flavors into your stash. Now you can use the what can I make button. As long as you accurately typed in the flavors you should get some results.