Newbie here needing advice

Hi all. Thanks for the add. New to homebrewing and was wanting a bit of advice.
The flavours I’m going for are a
sweet strawberry cream
Lemon lime kiwi sour
Watermelon cucumber chill.
The concentrates I’ve got are ripe strawberry, vanilla bean ice cream, lemon lime, sour 20%, kiwi double, ethyl maltol 10% and koolada by flavour apprentice. Double watermelon, and cucumber by Capella.
Was wanting advice on What percentage you guys would mix at? I’m wanting to make 30ml of each flavour at 80vg/20pg 0nic if this helps. All the advice i can get would be really appreciated. Cheers for reading :+1:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but … you are going to need more flavors. With using what you have, you can try something like 12% Ripe Strawberry and 5-6% Vanilla Ice Cream for the sweet strawberry cream you are wanting. You can adjust the percentages to your liking but that should be a decent starting point.


The ‘Sour’ you have is Malic Acid and it makes fruity flavors POP when used at or under 1%.Not really a flavor but more of an additive to boost fruity notes.


cheers for the advice mate, what other flavours do you recommend getting to get the required flavours im after? The sour im after is more of a sherbet kick

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here are some user recipes I recommend based on your desired flavors. The recipes will show you the other flavors you will need for the respective recipes:

sweet strawberry cream:

Lemon Lime Sour:

Watermelon Cucumber Chill:

One that you should like:


I’m with @Mourning_Glory on that you sadly need a few more flavors BUT once you get rolling…or should I say, fall down the rabbit hole that is DIY juice, you are going to want more flavors and then the addiction (lower bank balance) begins :wink:

What wattage/resistance do you vape at?

I would recommend not using this or at the very least SPARINGLY. Even though it is a sweetener it has a way of messing with your taste buds as well as muting the flavors in your juice overtime. This is the same with cotton candy which is essentially just EM. You can still use other sweeteners like a marshmallow and get the same results without muting flavors.

I have a simple cucumber recipe that has pretty much the same flavors as yours if you want to give it a shot

The Last Straw Cucumber V2

Ingredient %
Cucumber (TPA) 3
Ethyl Maltol (10% PG) Diluted 2% (TPA) 1
Lemon Lime (TPA) 2
Strawberry (Organic) (TPA) 5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 8

Flavor total: 19%

Remember to rate it at!

and yes this recipe has EM in it, I made this way before I knew the effects of EM. This also has organic strawberry in it, so if you do not have another SB you can raise the ripe to your liking or do a variation of this one with the original

I’m not familiar with cap’s cucumber though but I would imagine you can stay around 2-3%


Ha sorry I just realized MG already linked that recipe, oh well there ya go :slight_smile:


Cheers for all the advice dude’s. I normally vape anywhere between 0.2 and 0.8ohms and between 35 and 120watts depending if im dripping or using tanks. I think i give the Last Straw cucumber ago sounds nice.