Newbie here, your opinion and suggestions for my 1st flavs order

Hello .

want to make my first flavors order i am planing to buy the items listed below :

Pear TPA
Peach FA
Coco TPA
Frosted Donuts TPA
Pistachio TPA
Vanilla Swirl TPA
Pineapple TPA
Marshmallow TPA
DX Sweet Cream TPA
Ethyl Maltol TPA
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream TPA
Bavarian Cream TPA
Strawberry - FA
Ripe Strawberry TPA
Strawberry TPA

What do you think of my list and is there any item i should add or remove and what do you think about it in general

kind regards


looks close to my first order. Maybe a New York Cheesecake (CAP)? Adds a full body to creamy recipes and a bit of cinnamon-ey graham

I would add a vanilla custard v1 cap on there

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you are right , i am a cheesecake love myself. forgot to add it .Thanks for the suggestion

Nice looking start, I’d also look at Sweet Strawberry and some sort of Graham Cracker (I use CAP)

your suggestion is highly appreciated .i will add that to my list.thanks a lot

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Hello ,

thanks mate for your suggestion .i will buy Graham Cracker-CAP definitely, Happen to have a tested recipe includes Graham - cap ?

Seems I use Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) more often…
If that is a question on if I have used it in recipes… 'A search of recipes I have used it and Graham Cracker Clear (TPA) are:

Yup plus Capella Vanilla Custard V1… large bottle!


You could ditch the Ethyl Maltol, it tends to mute flavours. Most people use Marshmallow to sweeten things up.
If you can get some Inawera flavours, the Shisha Strawberry is very good, so is the Shisha Vanilla. Their Cactus is pretty good too and you should really try the Cherimoya, it goes very nicely with Cap’s VC v1.


I use a couple drops of sour in a lot of my fruit recipes to bring flavors out more and would be a great flavor to add to begin with.

I would suggest adding fresh cream FA, Vienna cream FA, marshmallow FA. I mix with these all the time in low percents too add body, fullness, smoothed out stuff, sweet, and ect…but those three don’t add milk at low percents

I would also recommend buying based on a few recipies posted here. Maybe some five star recipies. Maybe some from that weird daath guy, amy2, provapes, Alisssa, and ect. The folks that’s post here a lot. This way when you get your supplies in you have a few recpies that should hopefully work out really well for you.


I went to to see what people were using and you get an idea of how much % people on average are using in a recipe. Also checked out Bull City reviews.
(FA) White Peach, if you like apple (FA) Fuji Apple is really good. I agree with Chrispdx “fresh cream FA, Vienna cream FA, marshmallow FA”

Thank you all

Due to the lack of budget and putting your suggestions on mind , i have decided to buy the items listed below :

Vanilla Custard (CAP)
Vanilla Cupcake (CAP)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Strawberry (FA)
Bavarian Cream (TDA)
DX Sweet Cream (TDA)
Pineapple (TDA)
Pistachio (TDA)
Frosted Donut (TDA)
Peach (FA)
Coconut (TDA)
Boston Cream Pie (CAP)
Cappuccino (CAP)
Marshmallow (CAP)
Pear (TFA)
Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)
Ethyl Maltol 10% (TFA)
Vanilla Swirl (TFA)
Strawberry Ripe (TFA)
Graham Cracker Clear (TFA)
Peanut Butter (TFA)
Sweetener (TFA)
NY Cheesecake (CAP)
Waffle (CAP)
Whipped Cream (TFA)
Yellow Cake (FW)


excellent… while making your own juice for .50cents/30ml sounds like a huge money saver, it’s not in the very beginning. It’s smart to ease into DIY. No need to totally stop buying Premium juices either because it opens your mind/palate to new possibilities, but you should be able to make many recipes for weeks/months with this list …good thread

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