Newbie here

Hi everyone,
Not new to vaping but new to making my own e-liquids. I have noticed that there is a catagory for flavour stash but nothing on how to enter your flavour stash to see what e-liquids can be made, which to be honest would be a good idea. I have a few concentrates that I have made up into liquids but would like to try different flavours with what I have, can anyone help?
The flavours I have are for the following recipes;

Pink lemonade (pcd1970) version
Baileys + irish cream
Peanut butter (concentrate)
Tutti frutti(concentrate)
Bubblegum (concentrate)
Custard (concentrate)
I think thats it, are there anymore recipes I could make from these concentrates?

Just looked properly and found how to add my flavour stash


You can.

Go to your flavour stash, add in the concentrates you have, then up top left, you should see “what can I make” - click that, and recipes with your ingredients should appear


Thanks for that will do that tonight when I get home


Welcome and glad to see your post.

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