Newbie Intro and Quick Question

Hi gang, newbie named Terry here. I’m 2 whole days into DIY, and already digging it. Up to a month ago or so, I was a 2 pack a day smoker, that had been that way for 35 yrs. Tried vaping 8 or 10 yrs ago, but hardware really limited my success. Man, gear has changed.

Quick question, I expected ELR to subtract quantities used from my flavor stash, but my entry values remain as entered. Am I missing something?


Welcome to the forums, Terry! You arent missing anything, it doesnt subtract, yet. It is in the works tho.

Holler if you need us, we are here for ya.


If ELR wasn’t already the best site for mixing, it certainly will be :slight_smile:
That would be bliss!

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Thanks for the help guys, it’s appreciated. THANKS also to the individual who wrote the Beginers Guide. Great info there. Went from zero to 80 mph in a very short time


Welcome down the rabbit hole Terry… Keep up the great work as we all know the struggles of coming off those analogs. Monday will be 6 months for me and from the first vape I never looked back. Still new on the mixing myself but have my flavor stash up to 136 flavors now and having a blast. So much helpful information and people on this site it keeps you going. Keep up the good work and ask away. :smiley: