Newbie likes Heisenberg

Any good Heisenberg or similar receipes are appreciated.
I just made my first juice and its steeping in cubboard.
Was 20% flavour.
3ml blueberry
1.5 ml cool mint
0-75 absinthe
0.75 grape
30ml bottle
I weighed out my ingredients.
This is the short version.

I have not had Heisenberg but you could try one of these.

There are plenty of threads and recipes

@Ken_O_Where merge to any please?

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You can buy it as a one shot

Thank you all help and guidance is appreciated.
It’s a mine field starting up and getting to know the site


@DrChud thanks but I’m not really down with food colouring in my e juice.
Just doesn’t seem right adding something that’s not needed.
I do appreciate you taking the time out to give me the link.
I’m just navigating through site to see what’s about bit awkward on phone though.
Dam piano fingers

I was under the impression that vampire vapes are the makers of Heisenberg.

Not sure I started vaping 8week ago and was introduced to socialites heizenberg which is what I’m trying to achieve.
Have had kik docs blend
Zombie juice snake oil
And neither have come close

Well that one shot is from the company that makes the juice in the uk.

Heard of any socialites clones.
Going to try a search now but thought I would ask incase any Heisenberg lovers see this?