Newbie Needs Some Base Liquid Advice!

Hi all! I’ve been trying my hand at making e juice for about a month now. I’m getting a little frustrated, and I need some advice. I’ll do my best to lay all of the details out below. Any help would be much appreciated!

Firstly, after a month I do not expect my e juice to be premium grade. I’m barely getting to the point of vape-able (which is completely ok with me). This is a learning curve that I expected. What I’m getting frustrated about is this weird background taste in all of the juices I’ve made that makes them difficult to even try. I purchase all of my flavors from Bull City (FA, TFA, FW, etc.) and they have all looked and smelled fresh and good. I purchased my first nicotine/vg/pg combo from Nude Nicotine at 3mg 50/50 because I was nervous about extra mixing these first several go arounds. I figure, the simpler to begin the better. It should be noted that I have also used easy recipes from this site to try so that I have something reliable to go with, and have researched optimal flavor percentages.

The problem - every juice that I’ve made has this off flavor to it. It’s like a background note that ruins all of the other flavors. I wouldn’t describe it as peppery like some people have had issues with. This is something I have never tasted before. I’ve also found my juices to be harsh and (not sure how to explain this) but really “wet.” Now I’ve tried crappy, small B&M juices but they never had this taste to them. Could it be the Nude Nicotine base product? Or am I somehow just messing something else up? (I’m also steeping/aging the liquids, airing them, etc. so I don’t think that’s the problem).

Please help! I’m getting so frustrated and I don’t want to continue until I can figure this out!

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Can you post one of the recipes your trying, it might help.

I have never used that nicotine, but it doesn’t sound like the problem being that low %…could be something with the 50/50 base though.

Can you post a recipe?

How are you vaping it…what device and what coils? New coils and new clean wick?

Please give this a look and see if it helps :

A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes

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Of course!

The one that is currently in my Aspire Nautilus Mini is an adaptation of HIC’s Heart of Andes:

  • Peppermint(FA) = 3%
  • Vanilla Bourbon(FA) = 1.5%
  • Vienna Cream = 1.5%
  • Fresh Cream(FA) = 1.5%
  • Marshmallow(FA) = 1.5%
  • 50/50 Base mix = 91%

Another one that had the same background/messed up taste is below:

  • Sweet Mango(CAP) = 6%
  • Custard(FA) = 3%
  • Vienna Cream(FA) = 2%

Could it be FA? I’ve heard such great things about them so I wouldn’t expect an odd flavor from their products…

I’ve tried several methods…
Nautilus Mini
Kanger protank
RDA (this one damn near kills me when I inhale. Almost like I’m smoking a red marlboro after a year without cigarettes)

Coils are all about 1.5ohm

Personally I would start off with a “clean” non flavored based mix of your preferred nic strength to ensure it isn’t your bases… (pg/vg/nic) if your still getting the off taste, you know it isn’t your flavors… it’s highly doubtful it’s your flavors if both those recipes have the same off flavor and your using different ingredients.


What he said :point_up_2::+1::smiley:

Good call! Oh god…this isn’t going to be pleasant if it’s the base.

If it is the base, have y’all heard anything good about Wizard Labs? I’m in Florida, so they would be easy to use…

Wizard labs is great.
I do see 1 common flavor, vienna cream.
But what Tut said to do is the effective test to check flavor. Also I might suggest having a bit of that unflavored base around to dilute your mix because smoking an rebuildable setup generally needs much less flavor. I’m not going to link my calculator again click me -> :slight_smile: <-click me but you can try diluting your mix and see if it has just a bit too much flavor causing the off taste.

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The RDA is a great tester.
If it’s hitting that hard, all you need to do is make adjustments.
Lower your wattage, and play with it at different levels.
Open your air flow…or close it.

I am guessing you hit it mouth to lung…not like a joint (DTL) ?

Do you have a temp control device?

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Exactly what call me tut said,also make sure your equipment is clean and not contaminated,ive had bottles before with traces of oils from the manufacturing process.thing to remember is dont give up weve all been through things like this and if you stick at it in a few months you will probably be telling someone else whos asking the same question what to do.good luck hope you work out what it is and welcome to ELR.


Thank you all so much! I’m so glad I joined this site. I’m prepping myself for the unflavored test as I’m assuming it’s going to taste awful. I’m also going to make a small order from wizard labs to try. Maybe my taste buds don’t like what Nude Nic uses.

Again, you’re all awesome!

PS- @ozo, you crack me up…“like a joint.” Yes, I do hit MTL.


How old are these when you test them?

I can see multiple problems with the two recipes, especially if they are less than 4 weeks old.

The recipes were both tested after 10 days, and again after 3 weeks. At the 3 week mark, they seemed to have a good taste under whatever this weirdness is. I’m still adjusting and playing with them as well. Getting the flavors where I want them, and playing with other creams/flavors/vendors to find what works best for me. That part is kind of fun…like being a chef in a way. It’s just this off taste that is driving me crazy and making the testing part difficult.

I feel your pain! :laughing:

If your thinking it’s going to taste awful because there isn’t any flavoring, it won’t… just will be like your vaping something with little to no flavor. If your thinking it’ll be awful because your vaping an unflavored liquid, you could fool yourself into thinking your tasting something when your not. Ya need to do this rationally. Also something to consider is that if it does still taste bad, when using the unflavored mix, it could be as @Newbstar stated, or a different equipment issue. Does your vaping taste different when using a store bought juice with the setup your using… just like your using it?

I’m thinking about the pure weirdness that I’ve been tasting, and really not looking forward to that again :wink:

Yeah, I’ve never tasted anything like this from any other juice that I’ve bought. That’s the part that has been so confusing. As far as setup, I’ve been super careful about mixing/storing in a clean area, cleaning my mixing supplies well, etc. I’m pretty sure all of that is good, but I may try some different bottles as well.

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It is EXACTLY like being a chef.

With that in mind, look at the two recipes above, and tell me what you were making…

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Before I hang my head in shame, I must confess that I can barely make mac & cheese :wink:

I tried the HIC recipe because I am in love with Oasis Vape - Winter Wonderland, and want to find/make a creamy peppermint juice. I’ve come up with some better ideas since this, but the goal was a very creamy peppermint.

The mango was supposed to be a creamy mango. It’s ok, but def needs some work.

To be fair, these were some of my first recipes, and I’ve decided that I really like the taste of TFA a lot more than FA products. Taste buds, ya know? I’ve also been doing a lot of research on flavor notes and what creams go with fruits/desserts/etc. Like why the hell did I use FA custard with FA vienna cream? They are totally different flavors!

This is going to be a process, but I’m sticking with it!


See…you are already on the right path.

If I may, and it is my taste, these are my thoughts of the two recipes.

Peppermint is too high %
Vanilla Bourbon is a vanilla extract, not a liquor
Vienna Cream is a flavored cream
Marshmallow is too high %

Mango is too high % Mango can have funny aftertaste and aroma at high % and always needs one or more fruits with it, especially Pear.
Custard would be fine with a neutral cream, like Fresh Cream, but probably still be ‘eggy’.
Vienna Cream would work better with a NY Cheesecake, maybe even a Vanilla Cupcake, rather than Custard.

Bavarian Cream is another one like Vienna Cream, it is a flavored cream. They are excellent in sweet candy/dessert recipes, and also go well with some nuts.

Please read the thread from Scott [in post #3], it may give you some helpful direction.