Newbie question here, about mixing

Hello, everybody.

I just bought my first vape, and i just got my liquids. So my question is, is this the right calculation mix ?.

Ive bought 50vg/50pg Curieux DIY VEGETAL 500ml base, this nic shots Halo Fusion Salt Booster 50PG/50VG - Nikotinska sol - Q Vapehouse SI and this taste Cloud Vapor Kung Fruits Aroe - Aroma - Q Vapehouse SI .

So i want to make fist mix 10ml 50pg/50vg (10mg nic salt strength) to try it out. So if i understand this correctly base is 50vg/pg and so is slat nicotine (so the nicotin is alredy mixed with 50vg/50pg) but the flavour is not (just straight flavour). So are this calculations correct. Recommended flavour is 12%.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Tht 12% is correct… If u add more than tht it will effect the VG/PG ratio…
U can only use 12%of flavor…
Unless u want more flavor…, I usually run my POD liquids @ 40vg/60 PG so I could add more flavoring


Welcome to ELR @rockmanhatn.


O kul thanks. One more question. I have premixed base (50/50), do i just calculate pg dilutant + vg dilutant, so in the end i add 5.74g of nic salt, and 4,37g of 50/50 premixed base + 1.18g of falvoring.


thank you, great to be here in this great community :grinning:


@rockmanhatn Welcome to the community. Hope you have as much fun mixing as I do. And the folks here are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.