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Newbie question

@GunGun welcome you are in the right place everyone helps each other :+1:


Thank you very much😉


In new to ELR @GunGun too listen to these people… ( their knowledgeable for damm sure)
Dilute your single mixs eg if their 10ml, dilute with 10ml with vg+pg 70/30 mix with no nic
Witch would half the flavours to about 3.5%
It would also half the nic to 3ml
Also I’d test your mixs over 2 weeks 3-7-14 days
Is my test to see if flavour steeps better

I’ve done that to my mixs


@GunGun would you make your flavour stash public


Thanks for the advice, i will try it in this way…


Yeah, why not


Are you using a premixed base? Or are you starting from scratch and mixing your own amounts of PG/VG and nic?

If you’re using premixed, with the added VG from the flavors, that can make it pretty harsh…

If premixed, you start with 70/30 VG/PG and as you add flavors (most are PG based) the PG percentage increases and you wind up with a much higher percentage than you think.

High PG has a pretty harsh throat hit, even if you don’t have a reaction to it. I’m not allergic to it and anything higher than 65/35 is too much for me. Makes me cough like I just took a massive hit of the skunkiest skunk weed, ever!


Dumb question, but have you tried a different tank/coil? I’m not sure if that would have any significant impact. I’m somewhat of a noob myself.


@wombatred26…my base is not prmixed but i guess its the steeping and i symply overdosed the flavor and the nic…i’ll see it in a couple of days​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Some confusion perhaps.

@GunGun said he was mixing at 6mg (shorthand for 6mg/ml) nicotine. This is not the same as 6% nicotine. % nic = mg / 10, so 6mg would be 0.6%. 6% would be 60mg/ml, which is indeed quite a lot, but not what @GunGun says he is using.

Nic strength depends on what the vaper wants, but delivery systems make a big difference. I prefer low wattages and most of my set-ups are running at about 15 watts on a 0.60 ohm coil. This is where I seem to get the best flavor for my tastes. (I’m not interested in cloud production.)

I like my nic around 20mg (2%) at that range, because I am actually trying to get my habit satisfied. But if I vaped that same mix at the high wattages and low resistance that cloud chasers prefer I would probably catch a nicotine buzz. I’m not interested in that. Just enough to satisfy my habit. No more.

For the high wattage/low resistance group a nic concentration of 6mg (0.6%) might be average to strong, depending.

6% (60mg/ml) would be massive, as in make you dizzy and maybe sick massive.