Newbie what basic fruit flavours to buy

Hi i want to add to my flavours both myself and hubby prefer the fruit flavours but i am stuck as to what to buy. Ive been mixing my own liquids for about 6 months. Please any help would be greatfully recieved.


I don’t know what to suggest really as you know best what fruits you like. In terms of flavour companies Capella, Flavourart, FlavorWest are three of the most well known. Personally I would always have Flavourart’s dragonfruit, pear, peach, both strawberries, lemon sicily, key lime, and melons in my stash. Cactus is good for an accent.

Probably best if you browse this site to find some discussions on this same topic and that will give you some ideas.


Let’s start somewhere. There are a ton of fruit flavors.

What are 5 fruit flavors are you looking for? Ie. strawberry, kiwi, raspberry, etc.


Ive got strawberry dragonfruit on the way along with 27 bears, beetlejuice, blue ice, and tutti fruti but want to add to them but not sure where to go from here. What i would like to do is have a good base selection for recipes.


A few I like
Fuji Apple FA
Golden Pineapple CAP
Sweet Guava CAP


For me I like…

-Strawberry (red touch) fa in combination with ripe strawberry tpa
-Kiwi fa in combination with kiwi double tpa.
-Pink guva flv
-Lime flv
-Raspberry fa as an additive to strawberry’s or watermelons. Otherwise raspberry inw
-pinnaple rf sc and sweet pineapple cap together.
-coconut fa
-Fuji apple fa (as mentioned earlier).

This is only to name a few. Overall I do really like fa’s fruit for more natural flavors compared to cap or tpa where it’s more artificial.

Personally what I used to do is if I wanted to find a apple I would use the flavor listing from the other side. Search for apple, then by most used. Then read the notes and look at the recpies. This would drive my initial purchases and overall I think netted good results.


Some may say it’s a no no to introduce these flavors to a noob, but I say what the heck… hear it now or hear it later, but these are some I find to be among the best period…

Note worthy non fruit flavors…

Learning to use this tool will help you find flavors that best suit your needs…


@Rach9624, I know you’re thinking it so I’ll say it. These flavors @Pro_Vapes suggests have two distinct attributes that provide the reason for holding off on recommending them.

  1. They are expensive compared to many other flavors.

  2. They require restraint and a very light touch.

However, these are among the very best available fruit flavorings. They are as true to actual fruit as you’ll find, mostly because these are natural extractions and not chemically synthesized. This gives them not only extraordinarily realistic flavor, but also makes them very potent. With some Blueberries, for instance, you may go up to 4% and beyond, whereas MF Blueberry is quite present as low as 0.3%. It is naturally tempting as a newer mixer to dump more flavor in thinking more is better, but it is not. This is why they aren’t recommended for new mixers. You can waste a lot of money (and lose a lot of hair due to pulling it out) with the trial and error needed to mete out tiny portions.

Also, do yourself a favor and attach a string to @Pro_Vapes and follow him around. He knows what he’s doing.

Welcome aboard!


Im not sure what you consider BASIC , but here are some of my faves

Cap sweet guava
TPA original honeydew
FW blueberry
FA black currant
FA Red Touch strawberry
Cap Sweet Tangerine ( it is harsh )
FLV boysenberry
FLV pink guava
MF lemon
MF wild raspberry

Note: if your hoping to expand your fruit flavors FA and MF are my two favorite and FLV does a good job as well and has some good exotic type like persimmon …TPA , CAP and FW have their staples but for the most part im slowly moving away from these three companies

PS INW has a very good lemon if the MF prices scare you … which they shouldnt


If you like candy fruit flavors and you like grape try flavor revolution grape candy, it’s very reasonably priced at nicotine river and it’s super potent, like I use 2% for a single flavor and 1% in recipes type potent.


Not sure exactly what kind of fruits you’re looking for, so I’m not going to list the names, but rather the brands I personally did have good luck with.

This is based on strength/potency, not interested in flavors that need 6-13% to even remotely work.

Authenticity, not interested in flavors that taste “close/kinda” the way the label/ name indicates.

Freshness/Natural, not interested in artificial or candy, every “fresh” fruit concentrates can be bend into candy or artificial applications if needed (in my opinion)

With that in mind, most of my fruits are from

  • Inawera

  • Vape Train Australia

  • Wonder Flavours

  • Flavorah

  • Jungle Flavors

  • Flavour Art (my main vendor when looking for additive fruits aka secondary fruit notes, not my first choice if I’m looking for main fruits, with the exception of Fuji Apple. Hence is listed on the bottom here for me)

Of course as usual, most companies have amazing flavors but also bad ones, I won’t deny that. But in my opinion, it’s less then the more popular brands. This list is also based on comparison between the regular brands only.

I’ve never tried MF so I don’t know how it would compare, but if you’re looking for a bit “cheaper” method this would be my suggestion.


Flavor Revolution is a company ive never tried and for some reason always forget about …


those are all great flavors.
Blue Raspberry Flavor West
Honey Dew TPA
Nectarine TPA
Strawberries and Cream TPA


Everything I have tried from them has been good, their sweet strawberry is good but not as a stand-alone, the grape candy is good by itself or with other candy flavors, and the electric blue is the best blue raspberry I have tried so far, and all three are 2% or below for usage rates.


im sure they are good , i just for some reason forget they exist lol , but ty