Newcomers and question asking:

Greetings all new comers and spanking new DIY members. This site has a wealth of information. We are her to assist you in many areas of the vaping community. This is not a rant just a mere suggestion for people new to DIY.

I have read a ton of posts lately for help with DIY. What’s the best this, will this work, and help with finding a good … Okay no problem with that, except you do not list your flavor profile. A flavor profile is what you were vaping on before you started mixing. A lot of us are not mind readers and do not have ESPN tuned to read your thoughts. Help us to help you. So do you like fruits, baked goods, cereal, tobacco, etc.? This can help us steer you in a better direction than just shooting blankly in the dark. This is not to deter anyone from posting just give a simple little nudge in the right direction to help you out. I for one actually avoid the questions where the user is not putting a flavor profile down, because I do not read minds. I want to help, but give me something to work with.

Couple of DIY tips:
1.) know your flavor profile.
2.) Never stop buying B&M juices. You may not like DIY and are now out of juice and go back to cigs. Not what I want for you.
3.) Know that taste is subjective. What I like is simply put not what you like.
4.) The top recipes on here may not be to your liking.
5.) Be creative with your mixing. It is your liquid for you to vape.
6.) There is no one correct way of mixing. (Too much nic will kill your ass, not what I am talking about here.) Meaning by, weight, measuring, syringe method, or good old fashioned Walter White Grandma mixing method.
7.) If you have a question, give more than a few words so the people that have been doing this for a long time do not have to guess at what you mean. If you are not good with English, no problem, do your best. Just give us a foundation to work with.

Hope this helps and look forward to great questions with flavor profile.


And I thought… What’s @Skullblade789 doing in “Beginners”… ???

Now I know!! :rofl: Well done!