Newer Variable Voltage/Wattage Tube Mods for Sub Omm

Its gonna be here tomorrow!

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Hello! I got it! Im at camp with my dear old guy so I gotta keep this short and sweet…(I will do a full review when I get out of campground) The battery is unbelieveably powerful for a tube mod. The twist wattage is really close to actual wattage on on a box mod. Im really impressed with this battery…(I will know more about how long the battery lasts in a few hours).

The set, to look at it is a beauty. Very nice…

Now… About this Cubis Pro Tank…ahem…

The reviews about the spit back are real. If you dont blow into the tip before you take a big hit your tounge will be hit with flaming hot poisonous darts of vape like hot needles. You kind of have to blow the tube out a lot.

The flavor on the ss.5 coil Im using is exceptional when Im not getting hit with flaming needles. It comes with 4 coils so you at least get to choose the rate of how many needles of flame you get hit with… Not too shabby.

Yeah… Were giving it a solid “meh” on the tank but the battery is perfect for the Cleito tanks Im using. 22mm…looks great! The battery is a total win for a picnic or a short fancy outing.

Buy the battery for sure…the tank…I warned you.



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