Newer Variable Voltage/Wattage Tube Mods for Sub Omm

Hello Fellow Vape Officials! Happy Summer Monday!

I’m bored with my box mods. As powerful as they are, and as poofy as clouds can be, I’m getting sick of carrying these monsters around.

What I’m looking for is a couple of 22 mm tube mod’s that will run as high as 40 Watts Variable with even a half way decent battery life. The only thing I see out here is “kits” …(like this)

I just want the tube mods, no tanks.

Any ideas from the professionals who may have used Tube mods like this?

Thanks in advance from fellow vape monster.

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I know that is why I have just bought an ipv400
Man this is a small dual battery
Full 200w and tc I know I run mine at 50 watt
It really is very light and small
The tank I have on it is huge Apache just a thought
I also love the segelie 213 in power mode is small almost as small as ipv close but tc no good

It is almost as small as a round mod
If I put a small tank or rda it is very stealthy two batteries last longer for me just a thought


30 watt not 40 though? I dont think I have seen this style that goes to 40

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There’s a VW/TC Tube Mod that fits the description, Titan I think it’s called. Has 50W and TC for Ni, Ti, 316L and the like. And on top of that, it’s rather cheap. Have one here, actually, but it’s weird because it can get really hot, suddenly, for no apparent reason. I checked the cell immediately, nope. Checked the atty, nope. Checked the coils, no shorts etc. Guess must be the chip then. So maybe be careful with the Titan.

The best one I can think of are from Dicodes in Germany, specifically the Dani v2+. Expensive, but you get what you pay for, mate. Awesome device all around. Don’t have one, so I can’t tell you much more.

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I see the ipv400 above. May I recommend an ipvd3. It’s a single 18650. Runs pretty good at 50w. And feels really really small in the hand.

Maybe the Smok Guardian III? Its a pipe form factor, but it ends up more of a tube mod in general. Also bluetooth programming, and 75w, for about $50.

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That is a very good thought… thank you!

Oh wow, I like the look of that. I usually vape right around 29-31 watts. Really nice looking too!

Yea I have both and the ipv400 is 3/8 inch taller
Width is almost the same thickness is close
Unbelievably small for 2 battery mod

But hey they are both great mods and very small

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That thing is totally cool! I just know I would get harassed over it though…I’m a bit of a loud person as I am and I can just hear the snickering lol…

Heck with what people think
It is what you like
I wish you could hold one of these and feel how small it really is 49 bucks vapenw is great buy

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The Titan is a very nice looking Tube Mod, but I think its a mech mod?

I shop at vapenw all the time… I’m going to look that one up for sure.

Has anyone tried this guy yet:

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I know a lot of folks are on the Sigelei ‘hate train’ as a result of their shenanigans with the 213…But honestly, I’ve used the Spark 90 for months (got it with a free battery (samsung 25r5 since they were out of the lg’s) for only 35.00! It’s still my go to mod when heading out the door. Though while at home it’s been relegated to second class citizen since I received the VT133. lol

Currently OOS at VapeNW, but it’s only $5 more here:

Cheapest and best in the most portable category IMO. Especially small size and comes with a silicon sleeve to boot. =)

If you’re not in a hurry though, I’d wait for (or at least call) VapeNW to have it back I.S.

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Thank you very much for that. I have an e-leaf 100W TC that failed on me but usually when stuff like this happens it’s just one bad unit. That is a nice thin mod… vapenw is also a great vendor and would replace for sure. I appreciate your advice!

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OK… I bought this kit:

(Didn’t want the whole kit but I figured why the heck not try it… $10.00 more for tank)

This is the brandy new new Joyetech set up with the twist tube like the old ego’s but sub ohm style. I will let y’all know how this goes. I will throw myself at the Gods of chance and be the site guinea pig for this set up.

(I never buy the new stuff, I always wait for the suckers to test it first but the baby blue kit was too much to resist)

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Definitely pipe up when you get it and let us know your thoughts. It would be a great throw down mod to keep in the car in case of emergencies.

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I will, in fact I will do a full review :slight_smile:

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Looks like a nice one, especially with a 2300maH battery!

Hope it’s all you want, and works well for you! :smiley:
Look forward to the review to come!

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