Newest and the best starter kits for quitting cigarettes

Straight up question, which startup kits nowadays are the best to help quitting? And I mean only the latest models. Friend of mine wants to quit, I cant refer him anything since I got into vaping starting with TVF4 mini kit which was really shit for quitting, Moved to Serpent RTAs within a month and I am happy with the mouth to lung hits like cigarettes. I think this would be a good thread for new people looking to quit, who should just be able to chose one started kit start vaping without any issues.


Something small and easy to operate …but still modern tech. Eleaf iStick Pico. At first there’s a social barrier going from smoking to vaping. Something little can ease that personal discomfort and they can start small for cheap …still an 18650 batt. And those nicotine receptors in the brain need to feed (and be convinced there is suffice blood/nicotine levels on the horizon) Maybe 6-8-12 mg Nic to start (small tank) …personal preference


Many new AND also older vapers like the Eleaf Ego AIO because it’s VERY handy and it creates a good vape, nice flavor and reasonable clouds for a very low price.
I have both AIO and Pico, and the Pico sure is nice (I put my Cubis tank on it so I have a mod with a larger capacity) but the AIO slips so nicely into my jeans pockets that I love it for work and going out and about. :slight_smile:

I’d say something like the Couper mini, a Nautilus tank and possibly a Subohm tank as well. If your friend smoked non filters I’d get him some 18 to 24 mg juice, if he smoked regulars 12 to 18 mg lights 6 to 12 mg if you’re gonna do his juice for him then you can kinda customize it as he gets going. Two or three Samsung Batteries and a good 2 bay charger. That should get the ball rolling. Stock up on coils more than likely a few burned ones will happen at the beginning, I know I did.

Don’t know if this helps but I hope so. Also we had some tobacco flavors in the beginning and the first couple of days they were OK but wifey and I both moved on to fruits, desserts and beverage flavors pretty quickly.

I like the eVic Mini with Cubis tank bundle for less than $50 as a nice starter setup. Nice mod for power mode or temp control. Easy top fill tank that can do mouth to lung hits and ramp up for some nice clouds. Pretty much spill proof. Coils are like $10 a five pack and there is an RBA though I don’t care for it. Grab couple good batteries and a charger and your good to go.

Not so much a starter kit, but a kanger subtank mini, and any mod that goes to at least 50 watts. Since its for a beginner, get a mod that has a built in battery. Some may disagree with this, but it’s simple and you can qive up smoking , and research batteries and so on.

AIO is the BEST “starter” I have ever tried, Id own one even now, even bought my dad one to get him off the stinkies.
I wish they had starter devices this good when i started

Cleito Tank and any mod with two batteries. Aspire coils are incredibly reliable. A newbie wont get frustrated.

No kidding on the starters. I spent so much money on useless kanger junk it was un- believable.

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I suggest a Kanger TOPBOX mini [7W-75W or TC mode for a later time, Can begin with pre-made coils OCC, SSOCC, and begin to learn coil making with the RBA, and can use Ni / Ti / SS / Ni-chrome in temp mode later on. Is good for MTL to begin, and open it up later with a .5ohm RBA build for DTL hits.] Extra parts [RBA’s, o-rings, extra AFC base for building on, etc are easy to find…and affordable.

Also get an Avocado 22, can build a single coil or a dual coil, and either way have awesome flavor.
Use the 510 drip tip, close the air down for MTL, open it up for DTL.

Get a Nitecore D2 or D4 charger, a couple of Samsung 25R’s or LG HE4’s, even LG HE2’s.