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Want some bargain, genuine batteries?

Of course you do, check out these guys…

Huge price reductions across all 18650 batteries, our prices will never be beaten period, we are now cheaper than every single on of our competitors including eBay and amazon, even with their discount codes!

It would be awesome if you guys could share our company to friends and on social media, including any vape groups you may be a part of!

have a fantastic weekend!

Thank-you so much.

By the way, free battery case with every pair and free next day delivery :smile:


Samsung 25R 2500mAh 18650 Battery

LG 3000mAh 18650 Battery

Samsung 30Q 3000mAh 18650 Battery

They also do wholesale discount for 100 of more…

Have fun guys.



Samsung 25R 2500 mAh £3.90 … price: £2.99 (€3.39)
LG 3000 mAh £4.80 … price: £4.28 (€4.85)
Samsung 30Q 3000 mAh £4.70 … price: £3.52 (€3.99)

Oh, and it says “Free next day delivery” - For me it would have been £3.70 - not free.

While nkon is cheaper for the batteries, their courier shipping is a bit more expensive (£6.16), but I would only have to order a few batteries before it would pay for the shipping difference…

But still - Nice to have a few alternatives :smiley:

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Cool stuff thanks Lars @daath me thinks I am about to be banned lol. I don’t mean to these people provoke me :smile:

Like Lars said, nice to have alternatives but if I compare my order from Fogstar a few days ago (4x30Q), I’d pay £0.83 extra if I’d order with these guys for the same next day delivery. Not a whole lot but still more.

Fogstar may look more expensive but they have a 15% discount code at all times (POTV15) which makes the difference. Or do these people have discount codes as well?

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