Next Flavours Recommendations

Hope all are well and are enjoying the sun, I recently added another 19 flavours to my stash, now after ordering another 20 while Chefs Flavours are offering me a 30% discount, could anyone please recommend some flavours that will work alongside my current stash


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Some suggestions to add versatility to your current stash:


An Orange
A Pineapple

A Raspberry
Mints (Spearmint, peppermint, Natural Mint,…)
Additional type of sweetener


Thank you, I shall make sure I have a look thru these


Jim pretty much covered it lol


A lot of them was sold out at Chefs so will order the others from somewhere else


My suggestion: focus primarily on creams; those are mainly neutral and give you great mouthfeel plus they are great mixers (you can’t fail with percents used, they play well with most of others flavors). Add also some basic bakeries, maybe nuts, don’t go too wild with fruits and avoid coffees, liqueurs, niche flavors. Avoid newest flavors and rather get the old goodies (you want lots of recipes at this stage rather than blind experimenting). Buy 3-4 ‘sweets’ on top of your main order (flavors that are generally accepted as totally awesome). Your 20 main flavors are for mixing, these sweets are for your delight and there’s a chance you’ll be excited with them even when everything else fails.

Useful creams – Cream Fresh FA, Whipped Cream SSA, Cream FLV
Custards – Premium Custard FA, Custard INW
Ice Creams – VIC LB, IC Vanilla SSA, VBIC TPA
Cookies – Sugar Cookie CAP, Cookie FA, Biscuit INW
Yes We Cheesecake INW, Cola SSA, Butterscotch Ripple FW, Peach Apricot CSC, Hazelnut FW, Marshmallow, Blueberry FW, Apple Filling FLV, Calipitter Chow, Chocolate Mousse VTA, Cereal27, Graham Cracker, some cake, caramel,…

Generally, you can’t go very wrong with best selling flavors of each company. (and remember: everyone will suggest you other flavors and everyone is right)


Here are some general directions for newbies:

Smart way: Find 3 highly rated recipes you think you will like and buy those exact flavors.
Plus: High chances you’ll get a good or even a delightful vape (important at the beginning). Minus: You won’t be able to experiment a lot with your narrowly selected flavors.

Great way: Buy 20 most used flavors from lists from the past (like ‘My first 30 flavors’ and similar).
Plus: You’ll be able to mix hundreds of recipes and experiment a lot. Minus: Results of your experiments might not be top (but you will learn a lot and you will need all those flavors later anyway).

Safe way: find 20 flavors that are delightful enough to be vaped solo.
Plus: you’ll have a decent vape most of time and you can’t fail a lot + you will save a lot of time (and money). Minus: You will not learn as much and you will have a problem finding recipes (but you can always experiment and that might be easier because you have tasty bases with these flavors).

Risky way: Get 20 ‘best’ at-the-moment flavors in each category.
Minus: Newer flavors are generally better, but there aren’t many recipes yet + you will have to alter the recipes too often; meaning your mixing results may not be that great at the end. Expect a roller-coaster. Plus: You have them all (but you have problems using them optimally)

Wrong way: Buy the most discounted flavors.
Plus. Your wallet will be happy and you will be happy… Minus: …until you start vaping them.

Dumb way: Look there’s a strawberry for 20c, i like strawberries, i’ll pick that one.
Plus.You’ll learn a lesson and it won’t cost you a lot. Minus: you’ll have to order again.

Foolish way: Buy 100ml bottles of unknown flavors
Plus: Those (empty) bottles might be useful later (but it may take years before you figure that out; until then they will just sit on your deck, waiting :). Never buy more than 10ml of unknown flavor at newbie stage.

UK cost-effective way: if you’re from the UK, then go to rainbowvapes and buy some flavors there.
Plus: You’ll get most FLV/MB/etc for 1 pound which is a jackpot and others for less. Minus: You’ll probably have to make another order at Chefs soon (to get flavors they don’t hold).

Happy vaping!


I will throw in my 2 cents worth. I have weird tastes in juice and many “popular” recipes just don’t work for me, can’t begin to calculate how many mixes have gone down the sink…

My first suggestion is to decide what type of profile you want to focus on. When I first started, I bought all sorts of different profiles, from creams and custards to fruit, tobacco and mints. Took me quite a while and a lot of pointless buying to work out that custards, cheesecakes, vanillas and heavy creams are my thing. Everyone is different regarding what they like to vape so keep an open mind.

Secondly, use the recipe side. Especially utelise the individual flavour lists and look through the notes section of anything that interests you. I find I get a fairly good idea of whether a flavour will work for my taste by reading what others have said.

Third, experiment with singe flavour testing to see what a flavour actually vapes like. A lot that I have tried are not necessarily what I expected from the name. Have been caught a few times with this.

Find popular recipes within the profile type you are interested in and read the comments if possible. If a lot of people really like it, then it is probable that it is a good recipe. Look at what flavours are listed in the recipes and check to see if there are a lot of other recipes using them. The more a flavour has been used, the more likely it is a good one.

Read as many @SessionDrummer flavour reviews as possible to get a really good idea of what a flavour does. He has amazing taste capacity and a brilliant understanding of how to convey a flavours profile and possibilities to us mere mortals.

All of the advice given by others above is great and would certainly get you started. We all began with no idea and built from there. Use the resources on the forum and ask questions, everyone here is very helpful and giving.

Above all, taste is subjective which is why I cannot give you individual flavour recommendations. What works for me probably won’t work for you and visaversa.


Thank you ever so much for all the info it’s greatly appreciated, my order from Chefs arrived today and I have updated my stash, now have a few of the ones you mentioned and will add some more of them to my next order, I’ll be sure to checkout Rainbowvapes have never heard of them before


Thank you, I’m certainly still trying to find my profile and what I enjoy most, since I have started Vaping I have converted 3 other family members from the Stinkies, so I am mixing for all four of us at the moment and trying to find something we all enjoy which certainly seems a task in itself lol

I shall start reading thru all of @SessionDrummer flavour reviews and do some more single flavour testing

Thank you once again for all the advice


Congrats; happy to hear that! Having encouragement around is always helpful; plus it makes mixing much more fun (and makes you more proud of your mixes occasionally :), not to mention it may allow you exploring new flavors quicker and cheaper.