Next Level Mixing

Thoughts on where you are now compared to where you began. Add anything that gave you a boost to making better mixes.


Be willing to fuck up a mix. You may have a great mix built that is tastey…but throw some caution in the wind and put some different flavors in the mix to see if it can be better.

That and…

Take note of how flavors interact with one another to give an effect…like custard FA and oba oba FA. Yes…this can be magical.

Also take not of how this effect may work with one fruit like strawberry but destroy another profile.


the 2 time i thought to myself “that’s next level mixing” where when
1 - i started mixing with other vendor flavors, outside of the 2 brands i got myself married to for the next 6 months… and got this “wow…! this flavor is reaaaaaly much better than (x)” - it was like an upgrade :slight_smile:

2 - i started mixing on-the-go, with no calculator. i would wake up with a recipe concept in mind, get my mixing stuff, start mixing knowing roughly how much i need of this and that, add PG, VG, Nic (know how many ml’s i need of each), shake and vape with good results… felt like i’m boiling eggs or making coffee… it’s just easy.

i’m still a beginner… still long way to go, but these 2 times felt good… “next level mixing” for me… and it’s really due to a lot of help from you guys here… so thank you


I feel that I have a pretty good grasp of what flavors work together and how to reproduce a flavor. The next level for me is Texture and Mouth Feel. Getting the grain from a cereal or a pastry. Getting the thick velvet of a fudge or caramel. These types of textures are what I am working on now. To me this is what sets a juice apart. Having something that tastes like a donut is cool but I want it to have the texture as well.


bumped up,


I can’t say I learned anything new or anything that’s better in the last couple years.

I will say that I have gotten to know the insane amount of flavorings I have acquired through the years, inside and out.

Being able to know exactly what they’ll do, from years of tasting and testing, sure makes mixing a whole lot faster! Of course we all want to know our flavors when we first get them, but there’s nothing quite like the repetition of tasting something every day for years, that will truely boast that experience!


:point_up_2:So i stay on track, terrible memory

  1. I began by buying a kit from liquid barn. I did hours of research and eagerly anticipated the supplies. Mail comes and I torn that package open, geared up and pumped out 5 30ml bottles. I tested each one that day and wasn’t satisfied. So i kept up the same dreadful pattern, adding more and more flavor until…BAM. I run out of flavor concentrates.
  2. Back to the drawing board. This stage was spent by digging deeper into the DIY :earth_americas:: different vendors for supplies. Fully understanding the logistics of PG, VG, nicotine and flavor concentrates. Finding reliable support sites to guide me, figuring out which flavors complemented each other and what was in said flavors.
  • take meticulous notes, always.
  • don’t throw a mix out until it steeps a bit to make sure the flavors don’t do a magic trick.
  • be willing to accept, learn and change during this new adventure
    *don’t give up
    :dash::dash::dash: this is what worked and works for me…

Joining the ELR family completly changed my mixing style. I recently tryed a store bought juice that i used to love when i first startrted vaping and it now tastes absolutely horrible. My taste buds have completly transformed. Following you and other mixers ( i mean stalking ) has helped me tremendously.