Is this normal condidtion for a NI200 TC coil after approx two days of mild vaping at aprox 480-510f on the Aspire Pegasus TC MOD…

This 30watt pulse seems to be killing my coils off… I have primed it,. and followed the correct procedure of priming …I was getting a major headache with this coil aswell… i have now swapped back to a normal 0.5ohm coil… primed that up normally… i am also getting a headache from that aswell… only vaping a strawberry/vanillia swirl 70/30 at 6mg

Yes, it’s normal for nickel coils to become out of focus :wink: hhehehe

To be honest I can’t see a thing in that photo, except blurring ;D Is it gunked? Depending on what you’re vaping, also TC coils gunk up…

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Looks like hes burning cotton at 30w.
Im assuming this is a joyetech ego1 coil in an Egrip vt (30w)???

No its from the UWELL CROWN TANK

Thats the one I always hear (and laugh) about where people baby the cotton for hours to break them in, so the cotton lasts.
Stay tuned for tips, as I cant add much more to help.

Its the first tank i have had where I have had to nurse it, or are you put it baby the cotton…
usually its a couple of drops, inside, a couple on each wicking hole… let it sit for 5 mins, Job done…

not prime it… let it site for 5 min,prime it again sit again 5 min and repeat for at at least 5 times,
to be honest i get more vape on my kanger sub-tank on 25watts with with 0.5 single coil… than i do on this u well crown. It drinks the juice like its a alcoholic on booze… its a nice looking tank,… but overall i carnt say i am Im impressed at the moment to be honest …but my view my change once i get a better mod rather than this pile of crap for a Aspire …

I have had nothing but problems with my Crown. I wanted to love it, but 3 coils in and they all taste horrible. I have gone as far as let them soak overnight to no avail.

I think there may have been a bad batch of coils at one point. Does it taste like popcorn or rancid oil or anything like that? @DarthVapor had that issue with a couple groups of coils that he had.

I guess you could say it tasted like that. Just nasty. Guess I will wait a month or so and get some new coils someplace else and see if the bad batch has cleared.

I have two crowns and have been through a couple packs of coils and have never had anything that was really nasty. They have a bit of a weird flavor for the first few hits, but nothing worse than typical new wick taste and it goes pretty quickly. I hate that you’re having trouble with yours, as I think for what it is it’s a fantastic tank. As far as ease and convenience, it’s my go-to and the tank I’m most likely to grab when going out. I hope it gets resolved for you.

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I picked up a crown about a month ago. First tankful was amazing with the .5 coil, after that it was terrible. Anything over 25W was burnt tasting. I purchased the RBA at the same time so decided to try that. First time was dry hits, next two were leaky. I finally found what worked, comb the ends and an S fold. No problems top filling and great flavour. I agree with @JoJo this tank is great and cleans up easily.

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Mine too. :thumbsup:

I have a bunch of crown tanks and I love them, granted all I use is the .25 coil at 50-65 watts. Outside of the one issue I had with a batch of coils that @JoJo mentioned, never had any issues.

I think this tank should only be used with the .25 coils personally. I use them in TC mode and VW mode. I stay away from the Ni coils, too many unknowns with that wire for my taste :wink:

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Me too 0.25 ohm @55 watts and its been great. I haven’t really cared for it in TC mode. I like the VW mode better for me. I had one batch of bad coils but all others have been great.

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I have had the crown for a couple months now and I only buy the .25 coils and vape at 50W. I have never received bad coils so I’m not really sure how to relate but maybe you should try the .25 coils?

If that picture you included was of the coil and it being black on top… I get that with all the Crown coils after about a month. I also use the .5 coils and it seems as if they gunk up like that and the flavor drops off.

Just a thought…was I suppose to wash the tank in soapy water first…Get rid of any trace of machine oil…?? to all this.I was told at my vapibg shop I should be able to fill up and vape, straight away.

I disagree with your local vape shop. I’m not a clean freak or a germ freak. Anything that’s mass produced is going to have some types of residue associated with it from manufacturing or packaging. I rather not put that stuff in my lungs. Ex-smoker or not.

Washing might help. The crown was a pretty clean tank when I got it, but I wash everything anyway. I got a machine oil vape once and that was enough. I’d rather not even risk it. It was awful.

Well as luck would have it the tank is nearly empty of the previous juice i made up…
So i think i am going to strip this beast down, give it a good soak in warm soapy water,
give it a good dry out before i install a fresh coil… see how that goes, wil report back later one with this one…

Wish me luck LOL…

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