Nic base confusion

I’m currently using a 75/25 60mg nic base for my diy juice and I see a lot of recipe’s that use so many different percentages. I’m confused on what to use as my base.

It doesn’t matter what you use. If you’re wanting to adapt a recipe, simply click the blue wrench and click adapt. If you have your base values set, the calculator will automatically adjust the Nic to your values. Otherwise, you can put it in manually and it will adjust.

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I guess what i’m asking is it better to use 100%vg base or 100%pg base for certain recipes.

Are you vaping Subohm or just a regular tank? This is a very important question. 75/25 and thicker VG is usually used for Subohm. Some regular tanks will start to dry hit above 70%VG. I personally use 70/30 blend for myself. Consider this, the more VG the more vapor, the more PG, the more of a throat hit. It is perfectly exceptable to blend 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 for regular tanks. If your tank is a regular tank and will not dry hit with 75/25 then that is fine, AS LONG AS YOU LIKE IT THAT WAY. You are thinking because you are not blending as others do blendwise that you may be doing something wrong. This is not necessarily true. You must blend your juice the way you like it, not how others like it.

This question I’m not sure I understand. Are you asking is it better to use 100 mg VG based nicotine or 100 mg PG based nicotine?

Most of us use VG based nicotine at 100 mg strength. It goes a lot further at that strength and I believe less costly. It’s also easier to tell what percentage of nicotine to use in your recipe. If you want 6mg nicotine in your recipe then that would be 6% of your recipe. There’s a few that use 100mg strength PG based nicotine, but not very many.

You’re 60mg nicotine is fine to use and much safer to use than 100mg nic. Using 100mg strength nicotine requires gloves and lots of special care not to splash, spill, ect. You need to keep it off of you! Hope this answered your questions…

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Yes I was asking about using 100mg 100%vg or 100mg 100%pg for my base and you answered that.

I have both sum ohm tanks and regular tanks, I use mostly sub ohm and the wife uses regular tanks. I try to use 30/70 in my sub tank and 50/50 or 40/60 in her regular tanks.

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So I bought the wrong nic base so to speak at 75pg/25vg

I think ringling explained it pretty well. :wink: I wasn’t sure what you were asking, I guess. Sorry! I personally have been using 100% VG 24mg/ml nicotine and I use about 1gram for 10ml of 3mg juice. I don’t think it matters a whole lot what your nic base is starting out. I’ve heard nicotine separates more and causes “hot spots” in higher VG so it has to be shaken a lot. I’ve also used 24mg 50/50 nic. It seems to me to be a little easier to work with. I’m considering switching to 100mg just because it will last me longer since I’ll have to use less.

Like ringling said, for your final PG/VG ratio, the big thing is just what you’re going for with a recipe. I started at 80/20 PG VG and have recently gone to 50/50 PG VG just to see what it is like. It may take some trial and error to get the ratio to where you like it.

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It depends on what mg you want your final product to be. If you’re going for 18mg, 30PG/70VG juice then you can’t do it. The lowest PG you’ll get is 33%.

All of you have been very helpful Thank you!

If I’m using the calculator on this web site,what do I set the drops per ml at?

I replied on the other thread, but will repost here:

Are you asking where to input drops/ml or how many drops are in a ml? For the first, make sure your preferences are set to use drops, then you should be able to input the drops/ml in at the bottom. To set your preferences to drops if they’re not already, go up to User, preferences, and toward the middle it says “Measure in drops or grams” with two radio buttons for drops or grams. If the latter, it varies depending on your dropper and viscosity—an ml can be anywhere from 15-30 drops.

I was asking how do you know how many drops are in a ml. I’m using TFA flavorings from Myfreedomsmokes.

I guess I’m stupid because I’v been looking everywhere to find out what the base of the flavoring I’m using is. Cant find any info on it any where.

You’re not stupid…most of the time they don’t say. 90% of the time, the base for flavorings is PG. There are only a few of the manufacturers that produce VG based flavorings. TPA flavorings are PG based.

As for drops/ml, if I can’t convince you to get a scale and mix by weight, I’d say you could get away with using 20 or 25 drops per ml. You could measure an ml with a syringe into an empty bottle and count out drops, but it’s not super accurate.

Also, you might check out the beginner’s sticky that me and a few of the folks put together. It’s got some links to some really great stuff. :slight_smile:


By the way…welcome to the forum!! :grinning:

Thank You !


I think most people set it at 25 drop. Close enough for government work as they say…