Nic base testing questions

In an attempt to test three different VG brands and two different nic brands (18mg/ml shots), I’ll be making 6 batches of 100% VG 3mg/ml nic base, shortfill style - 50ml VG + 10ml nic shot.

My intention is to test each batch unflavoured first to select the best, smoothest/cleanest tasting one(s).

I’d like to ask the wise here, how long should I wait after mixing and shaking, before tasting? I want to make sure that my nic base is well made and ready, before adding any flavour. Thanks!


In my experience, you dont need to steep nicotine. If you want to be sure, 1 day steep would do.
Unless the nic have some off notes to them. Then you could try to steep it for longer, to see if the off notes would be a problem or not.


Sounds good, thanks, and pleased to “meet” you :grinning: Jakarta… I’ve been once, looong ago.


Nice meeting you too


Advice given to me long ago for adding nic to presteeped juice….Shake it like an exorcism and vape it when the devil is gone lol


First of all I apologize if this is not the right thread or spot or whatever it is I may not be doing right at this moment there hasn’t been a thread that I have found in the past 45minutes I have spent trying to find one I have done everything I can to not ask but I am lost I took screenshots of what im trying to get accomplished its been a long night everytime every recipie I put in this calculator says is wrong with my pg vg #'s what is going on? I want to do my y 35mg salt nic with this 65mg I have. But I am not getting anywhere

my nicotine is vg based and the other 65mg I have freebase is 45pg 55vg so im putting those #'s in I keep trying 80/20 I can with my freebase where M I going wrong?

also my nic doesn’t specify what the pg vg ratio is so I have not a clue

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The bottle actually say’s is VG based, to me that would mean your salt nic is 100% VG…