Nic Brand Helppppp!

All — Searching for advise on which company makes the best nic and at what % would be best… I’ve just gotten back into the mixology ---- been a hot minute since previously doing so and was wondering if I could get some input on which company makes the best nic and at what percentage do you recommend getting it at. I was using 48% - is that still good to stick with - or just bite the bullet and go with 100%?

Thanks everyone in advance - it’s greatly appreciated.


As to which is the best, well, you’ll get different opinions on that. River Supply and LNW are two I’ve used and I prefer the former.

As to strength, buy at least 250mg. The higher you go the cheaper it is from the seller and the weight is less so shipping is cheaper. In addition, you need less storage room as well. Once you get it you can cut it down if you wish.


Thank you natbone. I use River Supply to get my flavors from… ordering up some PureNic now. Greatly appreciate the input.


You’re welcome.


I, personally, have used both LNW and PureNic. I used LNW at 48 mg/ml and PureNic at 100mg/ml.

PureNic at 100 mg/ml is more cost effective and lasts longer because you use less for the same result.

Plus, as a bonus, PureNic tastes better and doesn’t dry out my nasal passages and cause nose bleeds!


Wow – Nose bleeds! That’s brutal… luckily I’ve not experienced that. I’ve heard great things about PureNic from numerous users… and really really bad things about nic from WizardLabs…which is where I used to get my nic from.


Yeah, I used to get nose bleeds because the nicotine I was using would dry out my nasal passages so badly it would lead to nose bleeds everytime I’d try to blow my nose…

Allergies causing drippy nose and dry nasal passages sounds impossible but man was it a mess…:smirk::joy:


I have exclusively used Delosi Labs 100mg for the past year. It is the smoothest and true no taste, no smell nicotine that I’ve used. No discoloring nor have I noticed any change in flavor of my blends over time. So, for those few reasons, I do pay a little more than previously with other brands but I feel it is worth it.