Nic levels in e-liquid

I normally vape at nic levels of 14-18 in premixes I have purchased. I use 1.8 ohm coils at about 9.5 v on a subtank mini (usally).
I notice that the majority of the recipes are set up for nic levels of somewhere down around 3-6 and was wondering if that was mainly because users are sub ohming more with that juice, or if it was just personal preference (yeah I know, everything about diy is personal preference). While in Boston a couple weeks ago I went into a couple shops attempting to locate something decent to vape since my employer extended my stay there and I was getting low on juice, people in the shops started to try what I was currently using and stopped when they heard the level I vaped at stating (usually) they vape down in the 3-6 realm also.
Might be interesting to see a poll of what level people vape at and if it is subohm or not or if they use different levels depending on if it’s subohm or not.

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When subohming the vapor doubles or triple and is a lot more concentrated from what is normal. With that the nic content increase also and can make you sick. Some people just reduce their nic level over time because they want to.

6 mg Fruits and deserts , 8 mg Tobaccos.


Mostly all of my original recipe juices are made for sub-ohm vaping. I prefer as close to 80/20 vg / pg with 3 nicotine as I can get. I feel that 3 is a good nic level for me and I have became used to it fairly quickly.

If you see a recipe that you like you can always use the blue tool bar and “Adapt” it to your personal preferences. I do it all the time. :wink:

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I vape 8-12 mg in Nautilus, but 3-4mg when sub-ohming :smile:

I’m @ 8mg for everything

3mg for sub-ohm, 10mg in nautilus.

I sub-ohm 3-4mg usually. Now and then I’ll pick up my Provari that I won here with the Nautilus with 12mg in it when I’m having an anxious day and seem to feel better after having some extra nic.