Nic question, possible fail

Hi ELR people,

So a couple days ago I was mixing before work and completely forgot to put the lid on my nic. I realized this about 4 hours later on my lunch break and promptly sealed it back up. I am using 48mg 100% VG nic from MFS in an amber bottle and there is about 30 mls left. Do you all think this was enough time for the nic to go bad? I’m asking because I made a batch of Strawberry Cheesecake (which I’ve made many times before) and it seems a little scratchy on my throat, a sensation I’ve never got with this juice before. The nic doesn’t look or smell any different.


I think you’re good. At worst some of the nic dissipated into the air…

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Thanks daath! The harshness must be my flavoring.

If you can try the same recipie without the NIC. And make the recpie with the NIC…but shake the hell out of the bottle. Maybe the NIC wasn’t well mixed in your concentrate. One hair off and your done for as it goes with NIC.

Side by side test will be good.

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Try what @Chrispdx suggests - Eliminating the nic by trial :slight_smile: It could be the nic, but that would be a little strange to me…

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Turns out the juice just needed to steep. So far I’ve found two flavors that scratch my throat if I vape in the first 72 hours or so but after that they are great. TPA VBIC and TPA Fruit Circles. It’s weird, but I’m not complaining!

I’ve herd that vbic tpa needs the time to steep and settle down.