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Nic River 250mg Nic Salts VG 500ml for sale


Hello Everyone,

I live in the UK and tried to have Nic River’s 250mg VG 500ml Nic Salts Smooth sent to me but my shipping company wont ship it to the UK and eBay wont let me list it :disappointed_relieved:

So I need to ship it to some ware in the US. If any one is interested in buying it from me, please message me. It is $80 from Nic River but I will sell it for $60 with free shipping.

Many thanks


I am not sure what the shipping cost will be, but if you want you can send it to me and I will send it to you.


Hello Dan,

That would be awesome, thank you. Please can you message me to talk about it? I cant seem to find how to message you directly.

Many thanks