Nic River Stevia Clear Sweet Drops strength?

Anybody have any experience with this sweetner? Just curious how it compares in strength to Cap Super Sweet and TFA Sweetner?


I haven’t used NR version but there are a ton of threads about stevia


Stevia is a different monster than Sucralose which is what CAP Super Sweet and TFA Sweetener are. It doesn’t have as thick/ cloying of a mouth feel and has a lighter sweetening effect.

I have used Nude Nicotine’s Stevia as well as one I purchased at Natural Foods. I think that NR has the best stevia as it is not only sourced non-GMO plants, but it is just generally of superior quality. I have been using the steviaClear for around a month now and have used it from 0.25% to 1%. In general, I would say that even though it is a different type of sweetness than sucralose, it is roughly half the strength.


Thank you @Pentine. Just the information I was looking for.