Nic Salt Recipes

So when I’m looking through the recipes, the ones that denote nic salt in the title or say for pod system always just have regular nic in the recipes.

Providing I use my concentration and desired yield can I just adjust it to 60/40 and be on my way?

Anyone want to leave some of their favourite fruity salt recipes? Hoping on the 20mg salt express next week.


Salt nic is the same as regular nic when doing recipes. Only difference between Salt and freebase is a molecule difference to smooth out the harshness of freebase to get to higher nicotine levels in a mix so 20mg/ml is the same if it’s freebase or salts. What is more important to adjustment of flavors is the device and wattage. Low wattage pod devices (7 watts and less) will probably need a flavor adjustment to the upside. Higher wattage pod devices usually don’t need any flavor percentage changes.
Pod devices and coils have come a long way since the recipes were written. In the directions that came with your pod device it will tell you level of PG/VG to mix at and it wicks at.


Though I don’t use either salt nic nor a pod system, I really appreciate the info from your post. I love this community and enjoy learning new stuff, even when it doesn’t necessarily apply to me. Thanks much !!