Nic shots how do you make it?

Brain fart moment. I bought a 50ml juice that is 40/60 vg. I have my own 72mg nicotine that is 100% pg. How do I work out the ratio to make the juice 3mg. It’s probably very obvious but like I say I’m having a brain fart moment.

use the ELR - calculator on the recipe side and just put in 40%PG, 60%VG and your nic % is 72 mg. Don’t select any flavoring and it would tell you the quantity you need.
Or am I missing somethin? English is not my native language and I hope I understadn the question

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edit: …o yes, and fill in that you want to make 50ml.

Yeah. Did that and it says to put in 1.44 gms of nicotine. My confusion is seeing these 10 ml nic shots that are made up of 18mg nicotine. This would give you 60ml of juice. So am I right in thinking that I just get about 51.5 ml of juice instead. Even writing this didn’t seem to make sense :joy:

You lost me there, sorry. I’m confused now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ha ha. Sorry man.

Is the nic shot full of 72mg or 18mg? Or is it 10mls of 72mg you poor into 50mls of baseto make an 18mg finished product.

Don’t guess :slight_smile: You can use ELR?
or you can try my Cosmic Calculator


According to my calculation you need to add 2.25 grams or 2.17 ml of nicotine to get to 3mg/ml. You will have a little more than 52 ml. It makes perfect sense that a nic shot of 18mg/ml requires 10 ml to add to a 50 ml bottle to get it to 3mg/ml. You have 72mg/ml that’s 4x stronger hence the smaller amount needed.


Dr. Jose: I concur, if the original juice was 50ml of 0mg, an add of 2.18ml of 72mg would yield 52.2ml of 3mg e-juice.
(imitating Leonardo DiCaprio)


Yep. My bad. My pre set nic was at 2% hence the 1.44gm. Thanks

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wait? if you had 50.0ml of 2.0mg liquid, and you added just 0.72ml of 72.0mg liquid the result would be 50.723ml of 3.00mg liquid.

Nicotine juice 72 mg (100% PG) 2.50ml 2.59 Grams
PG dilutant 1.50ml 1.56 Grams
VG dilutant 6.00ml 7.57 Grams

This should keep the same ratio (40/60 vg) and make the full 60ml final amount

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Since I don’t see anybody putting out the logic behind it, just blurting out the numbers, this is the way I calculate the volume:

3mg nic = 1/24th of your 72mg nic (or 72mg/3mg=24)

so 1/24th of your total volume of e-liquid will be your 72mg/ml nicotine
meaning 23/24th will be the rest of your liquid, or your 50ml bought juice

Then the amount of nicotine that you need to add to your juice is
50ml / 23 = 2.17ml

To calculate this in weight… (see
You’ll need to know the specific gravity of your nicotine solution first, which you stated was PG based.
So specific gravity of PG: 1.038mg/ml
And specific gravity of pure nicotine: 1.01mg/ml
72mg/ml nicotine solution means 7.2% nicotine and 92.8% PG.

Then following the calculation example on the liquid barn site:
7.2ml * 1.01mg/ml = 7.272mg
92.8ml * 1.038mg/ml = 96.3264mg
(7.272mg+96.3264mg) / 100ml = 1.036mg/ml

When you know that, it’s easy to calculate the weight of your nicotine shot:
2.17ml * 1.036mg/ml = 2.25mg

It’s easy to use Cosmic Truth’s sheet (I do as well), but it’s always good to know the logic behind it in case you need it.


Damit, I thought I had it all figured out, then I read your post and the logic has me so confused I don’t think I can accurately mix a drink… and I been making chocolate milk for years!


Yep. My recipe calculator was set to 2mg nic as default. Changed it to 3mg and then just worked out the difference in pg/vg to make 10ml. Came up with the same as you. Thanks.

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Happy to help.

Thanks for this explanation, finally I’m not confused anymore :slight_smile:

Garbage in, garbage out? I guess i’m confused from the start what you had and what you were looking for. And now whats the correct asnsw… nm

In the UK we can not buy any juice with nicotine in bottles bigger than 10ml so companies keep the nicotine out and sell 50ml (or bigger) bottles that you would add a nicotine shot.
Most places I have seen sell the nicotine shots as an extra, flavours+base= £15, nic shot=£2 (just an example)
As @Solace71 already has some nicotine, he/she saved £2 and wanted to know how to make a 10ml 40/60VG 18mg nic shot out of his 72mg nicotine.