Nic sick >.<

Gah – Got 3 new atties to mess with today and I’ve been toying with them for the past 6 hours or so and. . .too much XD. I feel ill, gonna go grab some food.

On the plus side – I’m finally made up my mind about SS vs Kanthal and which of the two housings I prefer on the inde duo. They’re basically the same. A decent vape is a decent vape. The only huge difference in any of my atties is the Azeroth RTA has 3 coils instead of 2 and probably thus more flavour, definitely has more flavour.

The theorem is running 1 coil, but I’m not done testing it >.>

Thankfully, food is an immediate remedy for little ills like that. I feel better now.

Same thing with energy drinks, I need extra food and a lot extra water with those or get tingly and headachy and probably just dehydrated, but need the food too oddly – which is why I eventually just quit drinking them, they’re costly and make me spend a little more on food too to get a yoghurt or something. If I actually tired an extra yoghurt can usually do the wake up job on its own.

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You can use less or no nic when you do that, it’ll save you the sick part.
You can make some juice especially for those kind of experimentations. It won’t make any difference in how your atties perform.

Sorry bro, It’s the Avatar

Do you get all shaky and sweaty with the Energy Drinks like me? I used to pound through them, and then they started sending me into these hypoglycemic fits.

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I stopped drinking them when I started passing out if I drank them and wasn’t super damn careful about keeping hydrated. Never had insurance so dunno if that’s like a thing they have words for or nothing :P.

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I feel like I used to catch colds and was sick more often when I drank them. I feel like something in them was doing something to my immune system. I don’t know!? I feel like I’m sick less since I quit drinking them. This was 5 or so years ago and I guess I wasn’t sleeping much and was under quite a bit of stress. I don’t drink them anymore though.


Most energy drinks are packed with sugar. The FDA and AMA want everyone to believe that fat and cholesterol are the worst things for them, but it’s simply not true. Sugar is the worst thing that people put into their bodies without a second thought. Especially ultra-refined, processed sugars. It causes an inflammatory response in the body on a cellular level. Sugar causes more damage than just about anything else on a general scale.


The same goes for ultra-refined flour, there’s no nutrition in it and your body just turns it into sugar.
Since I cut those two out of my diet I was able to lower my thyroid medication with more than 60%


Amazing how eating right can be the best medicine! I’ve dropped 60lbs and feel so much healthier since I cut out all the white stuff!


You are 100% correct there!!! All processed foods are horrible, but a lot of people have become dependent on them since they are so cheap and easy. :disappointed_relieved: We do our best to “perimeter shop” at the grocery and stay away from all of that crap!!! As a result, I lost 60+ pounds and have been successful at keeping it off for two years now!!! And I was able to ditch blood pressure medicine and GERD medicine!

Congratulations on your success as well, Josephine :smiley: That’s mighty impressive!!!


Congratulations to you as well, @VapeyMama!!! I still have a bit more to go, but it’s amazing how much better I feel already!! And after I’m fully recovered from the hysterectomy, and no longer hemorrhaging and basically being 5 months pregnant permanently, it’s back to working out full force!!! :running_woman:Get ready @Cutlass92!!!


What I found very surprising was that after I did that, there wasn’t a single doctor that asked me how I did that.
My medication had only been going up through the years and all of a sudden it had to be lowered.
You would think they want to know how that happened. Apparently not :thinking:



If you’re in the US, they know, but doctors that accept insurance are required to go by a certain script. If “x” is your problem, you get pill “a,” then when you develop the other problems “y & z,” you get 10 more pills. They aren’t taught in medical school about food correctly. The food pyramid isn’t right. It’s not less fat and meat. It’s no sugar and processed foods, hella amounts of veg and certain fruits. And loads of good fat. and there is usually a natural supplement that can help most problems, too!!! The state of conventional medicine is disheartening yo say the least.


I don’t think it is different in the EU :upside_down_face:


Probably not!!! Illusion of freedom, but it’s all government run!!!