Nic storage

Now, before y’all start sending me links or telling me to " look it up " I already have looked it up.

Now that, that is out of the way, has anybody tried this before?

It is a food saver. I sucks the air out. I am gonna give it a try but the only problem is the container isn’t made for liquids. Now I do have an attachment for mason jars, but I couldn’t figure it out.

If any body has some info on this type of storage, let me know.

Thanks peeps. Peace, Love and Happiness

Ok, small edit. The container with the lid does not work. after a few hours the air leaks in, So I figured out how to do it with a mason jar. It is a whole other attachment. It works beautifully though. If any one wants to see the attachment, let me know and I will post pics.


Never tried it, so no info to support but I’m intrigued! Gonna look into it myself. I’d like to order a gallon and store it away like a squirrel for safe keeping lol


Ok, proper set up

Ok, now the question is… Do I put it in the freezer? I don’t really know. I want to say " not a good Idea ". I have no proof, merely intuition. ( which could be wrong )


I would say freeze it but iv never used one before so take that with a grain of salt… with that being said, what makes you think not to freeze it? Because it’s got a vacuum now?


In theory yes. But I would worry about the jar leaking due to a pressure change. Or breaking. That’s why I vacuume pack individual 30 bottles and place in a normal glass jar. Then wrap in brown plastic.


I top off my nic with argon ( cheap ish and easy ) i then put them in a vac bag and into the freezer.


You’re so fancy! :sparkles:


I’d do a tester jar with plain pg or vg (whatever your nic base is…although it probably would be the same with water) and test it out in the freezer for a week or so. That way if it does leak you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a nicotine spill.


Quick question ,

In case you have a nicotine boost with a base of lets say 20/80 PG/VG (10ml) , do you also need to keep it in a freezer or is a roomtemp enough ?


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If you plan on keeping it for any length of time chuck it in the freezer.


Hey Woftam,

Well i buy them with 5 at a time but i keep them arround my concentrates in a black box in a closet, if i have to meassure it , lets say i keep them for a max time of a month and a half. Is that still ok or to long ?

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Ya they should be fine for a short time - you may get a little oxidisation if you keep them for extended periods (all depending on the temperature/light and exposure to air.)


Well here temp is dropping so they will be kept at about 10°C, i will see what it will give in the summer cause at that location it can get quite hot.
Thank you for the info :wink:


@Jayrell exactly,

@Chrispdx good idea.

@woftam Brilliant!!! I want one

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