Nicotine 100mg

I see that many use the 100mg bottles. I mainly use 3mg. Should I just use a 3mg base or is there advantages of using the 100mg bottles?

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To each their own I think . And what do you feel comfortable using.

Me I’m comfortable with 100 mg Nic Base . I prefer pg base. Thinner easier to measure with a syringe.

For a 30 mil bottle I need 1.9 ml of Nic Base

So that’s roughly 63 bottles of juice I can make from 125 ml of 100 Nic Base.

Edit :
here’s a sample recipe using 100 nic pg and 3 nic pg. Target strength of juice is 2mg

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If you’re not worried about having an exact amount of nicotine in every batch (your final amount will vary depending on the total flavor %) and you’re cool with being under 3mg in all of your mixes, then there’s nothing wrong with using that base. If you want to be right at 3mg then you’ll want to get a higher mg nic. You’ll also most likely end up spending less in the long run if you buy your base ingredients (nic,vg,pg) individually, so if that’s important to you its worth consideration.
Personally, I use 48mg nic, not 100mg. I hate wearing gloves while I mix (naughty, I know) and I feel safe enough with 48mg to skip them.


If you vape 3mg don’t get 3mg base as after you add flavour and get it to your prefered pg/vg ratio your 3 mg base will be less than 3mg by a fair amount. Work with whatever you prefer but if you are shooting for 3mg make sure your base is stronger than that or you will never be able to hit your 3mg.


@14volts Funny you should ask this, as we just helped out another member who purchased 3mg NIC, and was running into problems…

First things first, you have to be SURE you are safe using higher level NIC when mixing. Kids, pets, spills, etc., as it can be dangerous at higher levels. I don’t think you’ll be needing a hazmat suit or anything, but gloves and or goggles can be used, especially if you are breaking down a bigger, purchased bottle into smaller bottles for mixing.

Many of us have come to grips with the safety concerns, mix safely, and use 100mg NIC. If you read the post above ^^^, lower NIC base can make things complicated. Many argue that with the higher NIC concentrations you need far LESS of it, and can save money, as opposed to much more with the lower concentrations. I only use gloves when breaking down bigger 1L bottles into my preferred 60ml bottles for freezing/mixing, and don’t use gloves for general mixing.

If you’re OK with higher NIC bases, then you should try them. Less goes into your mix, might save money, easier to calc many final NIC levels, etc.


Thank you to all for taking the time in answering my question. You gave me some great information here. I’m glad I asked the question. TY


@14volts I see you just joined today, so welcome to ELR !!!

Answers are very easy to come by here.


If you stick with DIY I’d suggest stick with 100mg and get a scale. Then you really only have to worry about transfer in to a smaller “use” bottle, with a twist or yorker cap.

Then mix by scale and just drip your nic into the mixing bottle.

Of course I mix at 1mg so, my “use” bottle lasts awhile even if I use a 2oz one.

Scale mixing isn’t always quite as exact as the syringe method, but very close and WAY easier IMO

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