Nicotine and CBD Mix

I want to start making recipes with a mixture of cbd isolate and nicotine for the satisfying throat hit. Is there any reason I should not mix the two? 1 gram of cbd for 60ml liquid and 6mg/ml nicotine.


Firstly what kind of isolate do you intend to use? If you are using a powdered isolate or rosin then you’ll want to gently warm it in a PG base until it is dissolved and remains so when lowered to room temperature. If you are using a liquid isolate, then make damn sure that it is intended for vaping: Oils and tinctures are a recipe for disaster.

As you are aiming for a low concentration of CBD the liquid becoming too viscous won’t be much of an issue, as long as you avoid going for max VG. Although, I’d suggest aiming for a 50/50 VG/PG at most.

If you are aiming for more of a heavy throat hit, then a terpene infused isolate would be a better road to go down. Particularly as much smaller amounts are required to get a heavy hit.


Dude, you know a lot of stuff.

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