Nicotine Chart for commercially made vape juice

Hi, The ELR calculator does not accurately give the amount of 10% or 20% nicotine that needs to be added to a 60, 100, or 120ml bottle of commercially manufactured eliquid that has 0mg nic in it.

Has anyone made a chart, or knows the formula, that will simply and accurately give JUST the amount of nic needed, based upon the strength of the liquid nic? For example, a 60ml bottle of Naked100 with 0mg nic should get 1.8ml of 10% liquid nic to make it .3mg nic per ml. The same 60ml bottle should get 1.8ml of 20% liquid nic to make it .6mg per ml. However, as hard as I try, I just can’t figure out the formula even though I know these two.
I want to be able to nic premade juice to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, etc…but the “formula” I come up with for other than 3 and 6 isn’t logical (and I always thought I was good at math, LOL).

Can someone help?


Assuming grams/ml=1 and the base nic is 100mg/ml PG…
3mg add 1.85 mg/ml
4.5mg add 2.82 mg/ml
6mg add 3.83 mg/ml
7.5mg add 4.86 mg/ml
12mg add 8.18 mg/ml
18mg add 13.17 mg/ml
24mg add 18.94 mg/ml

For 200mg/ml nic subtract roughly 50% of 100 mg/ml base value
3mg add 0.91 mg/ml
4.5mg add 1.38 mg/ml
etc, etc…


I’m sure there’s some convoluted way to do it but this is the easiest way to get the number you’re looking for.
Enter total ml
Enter your target nic
Check mark max vg (make sure pg-vg-water are 0)
Enter the nic base (100mg pg for example)
Leave flavors blank. You can save these totals or just do this from mix to mix. All you need is the nic ml listed in the recipe part.


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No I’m not. I cheated and used my offline recipe calculator. :sunglasses:



Thanks for the instructions. I tried the calculator a few months ago when I first visited this site (and didn’t register because the results looked wrong). But now I see this community and I have much in common. I may just reach out to the community and ask how to mix my favorite juice, now discontinued. LOL.


This is what I use:


Yes… You figured it out.

Just put in the numbers below for 3mg/mL

When you change the “Amount to make” -
> All the numbers for Bases and Nic will change to the NEW “Amount to make” that you set.

There’s other common sense things you can do with the calculator to make it easy.

If you use (250mg/mL Nic blended at 50/50.) You might not even care much about the “exact final ratio”… Since the amount of Nic you needed to add would be SO LITTLE using 250mg/mL… it would not off-set your final ratio much at all. If you used a blend at 50/50 at 250mg/mL nic

The Nic you need to add would only be (0.83grams) - if you used 250mg/mL Nic base) That’s less than 1 gram or less than 1 mL of Nic for 60mL of juice. And even if it was 1 mL - The difference between (30Pg/70Vg and 50Pg/50Vg) @ 1mL is only (0.20 mL) extra Pg out of 17.64 (17.86) mL Total Pg needed for 60mL of juice. - Just a drop in the ocean. :wink:

Another good thing to keep in mind is - If you used 250mg/mL Nic base that would dilute your (flavor base) less than using 100mg/mL Nic.

Again here - Just put in the numbers below for 3mg/mL

Then when you change the Amount to make: It will calculate the new numbers for your Flavor Base and the Nic to add… Also note the Nic % will always stay @ 1.20% Total - no matter how much you want to make 30mL or 500 mL


If you put in the “Amount to make” equals 61mL. The numbers will auto-adjust and the Flavor total will be a fraction off - of your 60mL bottle of Naked100. It will be “Flavor total: 60.27 ml” The calculator will only do “even numbers” for “Amount to make” Sorry.

Same for 30mL or 120 ml Bottles. Just adjust the “Amount to make” so the "Flavor total equals yor whole bottle of Naked100 or whatever juice you want to Nic-up. And it will show you how much Nic to add.

Sorry @anon28032772 - let me try to figure out what your saying. Im a tad off - just had oral sugery and a tad luppy on Pain killers. lol :woozy_face: I know… don’t you wish you were me right now? hehe :slight_smile:

I’m just going from what he asked… And bring up the issue - if you use a higher Nic concentration base - you will dilute your store bought juce less and keep more of the flavor.

See below - Just change “Amount to make” equals 62mL." for 100mg/mL nic base
and it will show you Flavor total = 60.14mL (Using Your whole bottle of juice) and you end up with 62mL of juice. Adding 1.86mL or 2.22 Grams of Nic



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