Nicotine container question

Hello folks,I am running low on my nic and needing to order some very soon.My question is does anyone know of a supplier that uses luer lock tops on their bottles or containers?I purchased my last nic from nude and they use luer tops.Makes the drawing of and use of the nic safer in my opinion.It was good but kind of pricey and had that peppery taste to it.I have found some good deals shopping around but i don’t think from what i’ve read any of them use the luer lock tops.Any information with this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Karey

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I think NN is the only one but you can purchase nic anywhere and buy you own bottles off amazon. I could find the link if you need me too.
If I could make a suggestion…throw the syringes in the trash and start mixing by weight. You won’t regret it.




The NN bottle isn’t about mixing by volume. It’s about keeping your Nicotine from being exposed to air and oxidizing. Since the bottle is sealed and you only draw off what you need via syringe the rest stays uncontaminated. You’re still able to mix by weight. Just because your dumping your nicotine from a syringe versus a bottle doesn’t change that.


I hear ya. I don’t have a good answer for him except dont use NN if to pricey and nic taste like black pepper.
I’ve got nic I transfered into glass bottles over a year ago and doesn’t taste this pepper taste described. Just because it’s sounds good don’t make it worth the price or having to Vape the pepper. Simple is better in my world.


Agreed. Personally, I don’t get any of the pepper taste. They are more expensive, but you are paying a premium price for the premium packaging. I prefer the packaging and use the Nude Armor V2. It’s great for me mixing at 3mg and the small volumes I use. I pull the bottle out of the freezer for each mixing session and throw it back in after. I draw directly out of the bottle and mix by weight. Haven’t had any Nic go bad yet and to me it’s safer to have around kids with the way it’s sealed. No accidental spills and no ability for them to drink it straight out of the bottle. I only use 100 mg/ml nic and have a ton of nephews, nieces, great nephews, and great nieces that I need to keep it away from. It’s not the solution for everyone, but for me the convenience and safety aspects make it easily worth the price.

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Cheapest is to have no kids. My are raised and gone!


Just jumped over to NN to check out the Armor brand nic, it’s only $62 for 500 mls. That’s not bad for what your getting. @Big_Benny_MI why you think his nic is peppery? I want to put a bottle back for about five years when the rest of my stock is gone.

I have only bought twice from NN, and because of the safe and shelf life of the packaging, but have had a harshness from all three containers. I don’t have kids/grandkids that can get to ANY of the dangerous things in my home [guns,nicotine, broken glass, etc], because if they visit, everything is in protective places, even for my animals never to get to.
I only use Nicotine River nicotine anymore because it is NEVER harsh. I am responsible in how I store it and how I use it at my desk.
I still use syringes to measure nicotine although I measure by weight. I have a simple system, it is safe, and it works well.


I just keep my Nic in the freezer. Pull from the freezer into a 60ml glass bottle with glass dropper for regular use. My last two purchases were from myfreedomsmokes and nicotine river. Haven’t had that peppery taste for over a year now and it was nic from Wizard and Heartland.