Nicotine Dilution

Hi, I have a serious question here. Lets say I have 1 Litre of 99.9% Nicotine. How much of this Nicotine do I use in 1 Litre of PG to obtain 100mg strength ??

I have a very serious answer. The fact that you’re asking makes me sincerely doubt you are qualified to safely handle 99.9% nicotine.

Now that I have that out of the way, the less serious answer is 111.2 ml of 99.9% nicotine and 1000 ml of PG would yield 1111.2 ml of 100mg/ml base.

Please do not think that this can be done safely with anything less than professional chemistry laboratory conditions for handling hazardous liquids and fumes.


Thanks for that zigz, I’m comparing prices of pre-mixed and non mixed nicotine for my juices. No way am I going to handle that sort of purity in terms of nicotine knowing upwards of 30% nicotine can kill.

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You can check it with the recipe creator - input 1000 as “Amount to make”, 100 as “Desired strength”, set PG/VG too 100/0 and do the same for nicotine PG/VG then set nicotine strength to 999 and you can see the result below :slightly_smiling: 100.1 ml nicotine to 899.9 ml PG :slightly_smiling:

And @zigz is correct - to work with that you need a well ventilated area as well as a mask (unless you’re using a fume hood)… Be very careful!

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we care, thats why

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Hi daath, thanks for that it does work exactly as you said, however like I mentioned to zigz it was just a question as I was comparing prices for premix and pure nicotine. I fully understand anything upwards of 30% pure nicotine is lethal. I truly appreciate both your concerns and am very thankful


Thanks Whiterose0818 appreciate your concern.

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I think everyone gets concerned just for the safety aspect. 100mg diluted nic will last a long long time for most people. 99.9% nic will cut someone’s life expectancy dramatically…or Atleast make someone’s testicles fall off.

But seriously. Outside of dangerous coil builds blowing someone’s face off 99.9% is the other main culprit for vape/diy accidents

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I think we all look at the price in all this stuff. And nicotine for sure being its the most expensive. But its not worth being dead to save a dollar. Just be safe.

The thing that surprised me is if you factor in the cost of the PG (or VG) instead of just looking at it as $/mg nic the prices for more concentrated nic aren’t really that much better.

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For me it’s a storage thing. A smaller bottle of 100mg nic takes up very little space in my home. And I can probably go for 6 more months before I need to by more.

However, for people trying to sell and make money everything does come down to pennies on the dollar (or the difference between 1000% markup vs 1003% markup but Whois counting). Which if I was trying to see I would go for the biggest bang for the buck