Nicotine handling and care

Ok guys my order will be here in 2 days. I got 36 mg of liquid nic coming. I see some folks on youtube putting hazmat suits on.
What is the proper care and handling methods you use.
Should it be kept dark, cold etc?
Any and all thoughts are welcome.


When handling nic it is always a good idea to wear gloves and glasses if you spill any on your skin wash off immediately with cold water and soap.
Storage - if it best to cut down into smaller bottles and store the unused portions in the freezer (away from the reach of children) the portion you are using can be stored in cool dark place but is also better to be kept in the fridge (away from the reach of children).

There are a bunch of threads about both if you would like further reading.

Good luck with your mixing.


Thanks for the help.


just away from sunlight and heat and it will be ok for storing it…

for using it… it’s always good using glasses and gloves when handling it…

personally i don’t fridge them or whatever… just keeping my stuff inside my closet… never had a problem with it at least the last 3+ years i am mixing eliquids :slight_smile: gl and hf with you mixes :slight_smile:


Ah… nothing like a bit of melodrama, eh? some just love to over-worry stuff… each to their own, I guess
Dont get me wrong,… nic is dangerous stuff & needs to be treated with caution & respect, as I am sure you know. But unless you’re working in a nicotine factory,… a hazmat suit?? really?? thats just ridiculous! …unless of course you have a fetish for them… in which case… suit- up (& show us the pics!)
I use 100mg/ml nic coz the maths is easier. I buy 250ml at a time & decant it into 60ml dripper bottles to store in a freezer, except for my ‘working’ bottle, which i keep somewhere dark when not in use.
When decanting I always use gloves & glasses & I do it in a well ventilated area, however, when mixing, personally, I dont glove-up or use glasses - I just take great care. I’ve never had an issue. some might consider that to be reckless, but I’m prepared to take the risk for the sake of convenience. Once youve read up on the proper handling, IMO use it however you feel comfortable. But like @woftam said, if you spill it on your skin, wash it off immediately & thoroughly & always keep it out of the reach of children.
Peace, Love & Happy mixin’


With cold water


Err… & soap!
Hey, that reminds me of a joke… that I’ve just deleted coz it was sooo bad!

Just dont forget the soap! ok?


Just a few helpful topics. Have fun!!


thank u this will make for plenty to read at lunch time

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I get caught up in reading a lot! I can type anything vape related in the search bar and BOOM! instant awesomeness!


I read this here @ elr some time ago and I don’t remember it exactly but here’s the drill as I remember it:

If you spill e-liquid on yourself, strip naked immediately. Jump into a cold shower. Don’t worry about a heart attack from the shock of the cold water because you will have instructed your significant other to be on the phone with poison control while you are busy turning blue. Because of possible legal entanglement, poison control will tell you to hang up and dial 911. You will be medevac’d to the nearest regional hospital and immediately placed in the psychiatric ward for observation. Here’s the most important part. Don’t forget your checkbook!!!


As long as I can Vape all is well.


Not reckless in my opinion, I dare say it forces us to be more careful. I wear glasses for vision but other than that I go commando. I mix right next to a sink and I’m honestly more concerned about spilling and contaminating other surfaces. I can’t recommend others do the same but it works for me.

There is actually an interesting study dealing with the rate at which liquid nicotine absorbs into the skin. It’s a bit of an older study 1970s but interesting nonetheless. If I can find it again I’ll post a link later.


I have glasses on all the time. Check. Wife has cases of gloves. check.
Now I think Ill just mark it well and keep in the fridge.
Thank u guys for the help.


I’d recommend Nitrile gloves.



Nicotine is highly toxic.
Nicotine is very addictive
Always avoid contact with skin.
Nicotine is very toxic if swallowed.
E-liquid is very toxic to aquatic organisms.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek full medical advice immediately.
In case of contact with skin, wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water.
If Nicotine is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.
In case of an accident, or if you feel unwell, seek full medical advice, and show this information to your doctor


Both container and eLiquid contained within, must be disposed of in a safe way, with due care to both man and the environment.

Use appropriate containment for your eLiquid, to avoid environmental contamination.


Very informative thank you! My hat is off 2 U

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Now that being said , I don’t use gloves . But I am extremely careful when handling nic

I use 100 mg base , once I get required
Th nic syringe gets put in 1,000 mil of hot water or a empty 500 mil cup if I’m doing multiple 30 mil bottles.
Once I’m thru it gets rinsed out … then thrown away.

Nic I’m using is stored in wall cabinet on top shelf in the back…
Reserve is stored top shelf in freezer until I get one for the bedroom

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I see you have it well out of the way.
My fear is being in the fridge and a moron. {my dumbass son. 27 years old} Thinking its food.

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Don’t know how he could mistake nic as food…

But this is where I store my nic I’m using