Nicotine harshness

Hey diyers

Just wanted to ask a couple of q’s regarding nicotine

U bought my first bottle from a Nicotine UK and when I made up a 3mg mix it was very harsh…
I was considering going 1.5mg anyway so I did and the harshness has gone but I am vaping loads and even (hate to say) smoked a couple of analogs

My first question is…
Is my nicotine any good

What’s the best nicotine to buy

I’m in the u.k btw

Thanx in advance

2 Likes I have always used dakstar nic, it`s very good… obviously if you havent stocked up in advance you will have to make do with the nicotine shots as in the link.


Hey @Billy82!

It might be that dropping from 3mg to 1.5 mg was too big a jump for you. I know I went down by 0.5mg each time - this could maybe explain why you’ve felt the need to have a couple of cigs.

What setup are you using?

What recipe did you make your mixes with? Is it the same recipe or did you make a different recipe for the 1.5mg?


ETA: I also use Darkstar for Nic - quite a few of us Brits do :+1:


I’m using a dotmod rda on a CKS Stride
I also have a copper SOI Subzero mod and rda

The recipe I made at 3mg was Transonics Blueberry Donuts 70%vg (which I absolutely love)
I know it wasnt the recipe because I made another batch at 0% nic and put them together and the harshness was gone

Everything else I’ve made is at 1.5mg 70%vg


Hmmm. Did you shake the living crap out of the Nic before using it? Assuming you did, it could well be the culprit if no other factors were changed.

FWIW, I’ve never had a harsh vape from Darkstar Nic.

Might be worth holding fire to see if any of the very experienced mixers can chime in :+1:


I’m definitely not a very experienced mixer therefore don’t feel quite qualified enough to answer this question in a scientific and thorough fashion…however…
If I did see some living crap in my nic I would almost definitely shake that bugger out of there like a man possessed…or at the very least…I’d come and ask a very experienced mixer first whether or not that would be the right thing to do…


Didn’t shake the nicotine so could be that

Didn’t think it would need shaking


Yes, yes, a thousand yeses. Shake it like a Polaroid picture :laughing: :+1: Sometimes, if not thouroghly mixed, you can end up with ‘hotspots’ of nicotine.

Fingers crossed this fixes it for you :smiley:


Thanx Lolly
If I could hit the like Button a hundred times, I would

I’m gonna leave it on top on the washing machine from now on lol


Well, you could keep your nic level at 3 MG and make your mix 4% distilled water. If you are vaping at high wattage or temperature when you go back up to 3 MG you might get the head zoomies though.


Hi @Maureeenie

What does the dw do ?

@Billy82 I’d def agree on the shaking your nicotine before mixing. Also you can do a quick test. Create a new recipe on the ELR Calculator. Set Quantity 10ml and the VG/PG ratio you vape and the percentage of nic. Mix just the VG/PG, clean your coil/wick. and vape the plain unflavored non-nicotine results. Should be maybe a little sweet and bland. Heh this is where you might taste your cotton wicking or coil wire …another thread.

Add your nic, mix well, retest. If that is harsh you have bad/oxidized nic and may be able to contact your vendor for a replacement (if it hasn’t been too long?) …their call. Time is money, may be easier to just buy some new from Darkstar and skip the hassle. Is there a discount code UK peeps?


Not that I know of :tired_face:

Thins out your mix and smooths it out. You are essentially diluting it. You are vaping steam anyway. Lungs like water vapor better than the other stuff. Just try it.


Cheers… I’ll give it a go

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