Nicotine is best kept?

1.Should nicotine be kept in the dark brown plastic bottles they come in, or is it better to be tipped into glass bottles ?
2. Is it best to keep the nicotine in the fridge or just in a cool place ?

Thanks in advance everyone.

K&M :grin:

  1. Glass bottles, preferrably dark (brown) glass bottles
  2. Freezer

@delltrapp thanks for the reply, but is it essential that the glass jar needs to be dark ? We have a couple of clear jars ATM but no dark ones. Would this be ok to use ? Also does the nicotine freeze ?


@wemix2gether you can search ELR for numerous threads on this topic. If you are storing the glass bottles in the freezer, the color won’t matter, because the freezer is dark, so there won’t be any benefit. If you are leaving bottles out (will cause NIC to oxidize quickly), then the color would matter more.


The nicotine will not freeze, nor the carrier. What you are trying to do, is minimize heat, light, and air, all of which will oxidize your NIC. Break down any/all larger bottles into much smaller bottles. Only use one small bottle at a time until it’s empty, then move onto the next bottle. This way you are not exposing your entire NIC supply to heat, light, and air, every time you take it out to work with it.


@SessionDrummer thanks for the info and it all makes sense. Thanks again mate :ok_hand: