Nicotine labs - Delosi, name changes

Hi Charles,

Thank you for the kind words in your order notes. We have put a lot of effort into making flavors that taste like what they are intended as well as not having the after-taste and performance in vaping. It thrills us to see the community every day grow and trust our brands.

Yes, it’s true we had some name changes. But that was in response to what we saw happening and what we knew was going to happen with the FDA and the deeming regulations. Our original name “Vapor Shots” just wasn’t feasible to continue to use as the words associated with vaping were coming under scrutiny.

When we changed that to “Flavor Envy”, we received some news within a few weeks that made us realize what was in store for the industry with regards to e-cigarettes. Knowing this, we had to break the company into multiple pieces. As it stands now, the names are not going to change any further. The decision to split the company into two different brands is what has allowed us to stay and grow while other companies are failing or faltering right now.

The brands are set, nothing is changing further other than adding some new flavors like Cream Soda which will be on the website in a couple days and new products on Nicotine Labs that will benefit DIY customers.

You have a great attitude. I can’t imagine living with CRPS but I do appreciate your stance on honesty. It is something that seems to be missing now days in favor of being politically correct or protecting feelings.

We always love feedback from our customers so we know what is working and what may need improving and we welcome the communication.

Thank you for your business, but most importantly for your trust in us and our products.

If you need anything, have questions or just want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nicotine Labs