Nicotine labs nicotine. good or bad?

I haven’t been at this for all that long. About a year. I’ve always used nicotine lads 100mg 50 50 mix. And someone some place on here said something about there nicotine being bad. Im not sure why they said this. I know from what i have made. It all seams to taste good. Does anyone have any info on this ???

Do not use their nic, it’s very peppery. I do not recommend it. Do not use Wizard Labs nic either. I usually recommend Nic…


Ok thanks. I guess i don’t notice it because thats all I’ve used.

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Be aware that it is possible that Nicotine Labs nic is different now than when I used them. It’s a long story but Vapor Shots was the original company, changed hands and was Flavor Envy, Then changed again to Nicotine Labs. I imagine that NL nic could possibly be different than what I bought when they were Vapor Shots. I’m not willing to buy nic from them to find out though. I’m happy with Heartlands Nic…

I don’t blame you. I will get some from heartland and see if there is a difference.

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At present there seems to be some shady batches out there with heartlands nic a few ppl including myself ( although mine was 2 months ago) so I hope you don’t have the same issue as others. Typically heartlands is the go to nic around here or vapers tek which they are really really good as well. I am using Nude nicotine but there was an issue with their 100%vg 100mg nic batches that came out to be around 180mg/ml which caused all kinds of scares rightfully so but since then they have been vigilant in correcting there processes.Nude is pricer.

I am siding with ringling the nic labs nicotine I used back in the day was nasty peppery and was when they were flavor envy it was terrible. Try to buy a small batch of the new vendor and as far a nude nic goes they will mail you a free 10 ml sample just pay the 2$ charge. good luck